Yuyama Pharmacy Robotics

Yuyama is a pharmaceutical automation manufacturer founded in Osaka, Japan in 1964. We were first to market with automation that counts and dispense oral solid medication. Since then pharmacies all over Asia and many parts of the world noticed the benefits that our products delivered to pharmacies.

Those pharmacy managers and owners choose our products and continue to choose our products for the three main benefits:

1) to increase the efficiency of their staff

2) to decrease their labor cost; and

3) to them save money and better manage the cash flow and revenues of their pharmacies.

Those benefits have supported rapid growth and profitability in those pharmacies that resulted in them becoming the lead competitor. They leveraged the efficiency of our products to enable them to take on more business. Our customers have told us that the reliability and quality that our products deliver factored into them becoming more profitable which have help them to stay in business longer, and to keep their family business in their family. Perhaps we can do the same for your pharmacy!

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