Whaley’s Baby

Whaley’s Baby is a turn-key program designed to help independent pharmacies across the country develop a unique niche that will attract a younger female demographic, gain long term customers, and improve front end profits through maternity and breastfeeding products, support and services.  Additionally, this program will drive sales to already existing product lines and pharmacy services, including prescriptions.  This program takes pharmacies step-by-step through creating a department, offering support services, developing community relationships, and selecting profitable products through the Group Purchasing Organization to increase front-end sales.  Pharmacies are able to save significant time and money in the creation of the niche resulting in accelerated profit opportunities. Pharmacies are also provided with a nationally trademarked logo, a comprehensive and customized marketing package to launch their department, consultant support, and quarterly marketing and product updates to support their growing niche.

As pharmacy owners ourselves (Whaley’s Pharmacy, 3 locations) we understand the challenges that Independent Pharmacies are facing in today’s market.  This program has given us a successful edge in our market for 14 years and has helped us continue to grow our pharmacies in these challenging times. Our passion is sharing this program with other independent pharmacies to allow them to grow and serve the families in their community.


For sales, please contact:

Stacy Welling

(573) 632-2021


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