Wellness Works

The mission of Wellness Works is to help independent pharmacists develop a profitable revenue stream in their pharmacies by providing a unique portfolio of products and services not found in other nutritional lines.

All Wellness Works products are formulated in the U.S. by NSF, GMP-registered manufacturers and third-party tested with certificates of analysis available for every lot. The quality goes in before your label goes on!

We market your brand. Wellness Works provides you a custom product label based on your store logo and branding. This increases your brand awareness and ensures that customers return to your pharmacy for refills of the supplements you recommend.

Wellness Works can provide you with a custom online shopping experience for your customers. All orders placed through your custom online catalog are labeled and shipped directly to your customers by Wellness Works, saving you the hassle of carrying excess inventory or shipping products.

Marketing is not a skill learned in pharmacy school! Our assisted marketing program provides you with a robust plan and custom pieces for a wide range of nutritional topics to bring customers into your store or to your website.

In addition to our selection of innovative stock products, Wellness Works can provide pharmacists the opportunity to create custom supplements based on their specifications. This exclusive service allows you to create a one-of-a-kind supplement for your patients and physicians.

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