Wellness Works

The mission of Wellness Works is to help independent pharmacists develop a profitable supplement revenue stream in their pharmacies and beyond. We do this by the creation of a branded supplement line for sale in the pharmacy and even online. Wellness Works provides the professional products, marketing expertise and business and clinical consulting to help pharmacists be successful with supplements. All Wellness Works products are manufactured in the U.S. and are third-party tested to assure quality. Pharmacists can trust Wellness Works when making vitamin recommendations to their customers.

Now, with a custom Wellness Works online shopping cart, pharmacies can offer their branded product line to customers online. Order fulfillment and labeling are provided by Wellness Works, and product is shipped directly to the ultimate consumer. An online shopping cart provides consumers with access to the entire Wellness Works product line for increased sales opportunities. And an online shopping cart provides the pharmacist with sales commission checks and sales information sent out monthly.

Finally, the Marketing Works best practices assisted marketing program, provides pharmacists with a twelve month support program to help them bring optimal exposure of their brand to consumers both in their store and online. The Wellness Works custom branded products, online shopping capability and assisted marketing program brings a unique opportunity for pharmacists looking to receive the optimal profits from their nutritional supplement offerings.

Have you looked at Wellness Works lately? For more information go to www.wellnessworks.com


For sales, please contact:

John Preckshot, RPh, CCN, FAARM



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