VMC Pharmacy Program and Buying Group

The VMC Pharmacy Program enables retailer pharmacies to improve their positions in a competitive marketplace with an extensive offering of exceptional services and comprehensive programs. Our team shares the tools and experience to help you with your current pharmacy, open a new pharmacy or buy an existing pharmacy.
VMC Pharmacy Members gain the collective buying power of over 500 million dollars in aggregated purchases that result in low cost of goods and improved contracting leverage.
We have the tools to help your pharmacy succeed:
• Independent Pharmacy Advocates
• Over $43,822,731 in Rebates Returned to VMC Retailer Pharmacies Annually
• NO Generic Compliance Ratio’s (GCRs)
• Preferred Vendor Discounts
• Dedicated Support Staff
• Industry Trend Information
• Customized Reporting and Analysis
Our pharmacy team has over 95 years of industry experience to help you succeed and thrive in a competitive landscape.

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