Transaction Data Systems

For over forty years, Transaction Data Systems has been solely dedicated to the success of community pharmacy. Our software solutions move beyond traditional pharmacy dispensing software to ensure a total pharmacy solution for all aspects of your business.

Computer-Rx, our Windows-based platform, offers an easy-to-use interface and robust tools for pharmacy management, pharmacy point-of-sale and centralized pharmacy management. This platform is a one-size-fits-all solution, easily scalable to fit the demands of any independent pharmacy. Computer-Rx solutions offer dynamic reporting tools and easy claim reconciliation. Inventory management is made easy with EDI ordering and receiving through seamless integrations with all major wholesalers and dozens of regional wholesalers. Using Computer-Rx, patient care is taken to the next level with innovative, integrated clinical solutions available only to TDS pharmacies.

Rx30, our Linux-based software solution, provides a robust, easy-to-learn management platform, point-of-sale software and central management solution. Rx30 solutions offer multiple applications available to pharmacies and their patients to make managing patient medication regimens easy and interactive. The Rx30 platform offers fully automated e-scripts, revenue opportunities through innovative clinical solutions and 80+ integration partners. Whether your focus is an independent retail pharmacy, small retail chain pharmacy, nursing home, nursing home consulting, compounding, or IV processing, we have all the tools to make your job easier!
We are committed to providing scalable software solutions to help you drive patient outcomes, increase revenue and maximize the success of your business. To learn more or schedule a demonstration, contact Larry Stephenson at or 817.406.0789.

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