Thrifty White Pharmacy, Inc

The foundation of the Thrifty White Affiliated Pharmacy Program was built on one simple principle:  Provide Independent Pharmacy owners the opportunity to take advantage of the size, scale and leverage of a highly reputable National Pharmacy Chain while remaining 100% Independent.  In the ever changing and increasingly challenging retail pharmacy industry, independent pharmacies continue to be put at a disadvantage through declining reimbursements, preferred networks and complicated purchasing models tied to generic compliance and massive rebates that are nearly impossible to track.  National Chains, like Thrifty White, have the necessary leverage to address these key areas of protecting your bottom line.

We have created strategic partnerships with premier technology companies to help us perform at levels well above the industry average.  Having been awarded “Pharmacy Innovator of the Year” multiple times we have the tools and experience to help guide you through implementing these programs into your daily business, further setting you apart from your competitors.  Additionally, our growing purchasing network and self-distribution model allow us to purchase direct from manufacturers which not only significantly lowers our costs but also allows us to operate on a NET Pricing model that is truly unique in today’s marketplace.

Today Affiliate Partners extending from coast to coast are benefiting from the operational knowhow, purchasing power and support that only a National Chain could provide.  Thrifty White along with Affiliate and Industry Partners bring together more than 1,200 pharmacies across the United States and represent more than $7 Billion in annual purchasing volume.


For sales, please contact:

Scot Rewerts, Director Affiliated Pharmacy Program


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