SynMed Automation by Synergy Medical

With over 12 years of experience, and 500+ installations in North America, Synergy Medical is the market leader in pharmacy automation for dispensing solid oral medication in blister packs. The Synergy Medical team is focused on the design, manufacturing, service, and support of the SynMed® system. SynMed® uses a patented pick & place technology, which addresses USP800 concerns while minimizing cleaning and maintenance requirements. Our engineers are continuously working to upgrade the technology, allowing SynMed® to interface with virtually every pharmacy software system, and to fill over 30 different types of both single and multi-dose blister packs.

SynMed® is both a medication synchronization and medication adherence strategy to drive 5-star ratings, achieve high rates of reimbursement, and attract new patients.  Our proven technology has evolved to offer solutions for all levels of production. In addition to our standard robot, SynMed® ULTRA offers unparalleled production speeds for high volume environments (200 single dose cards per hour; 100 multi-dose cards per hour).  Conversely, SynMed® Assist is an on-screen guidance system for accurate and efficient manual production — an excellent way to safely initiate an adherence strategy, with the option to migrate to full automation when the time is right.

Allow Synergy Medical’s experience to work for you.  Our technology guarantees Accuracy and Efficiency, paving the way for Profitable Growth and best in class Patient Management.


For sales, please contact:

Mark Rinker, Vice President Sales, North America


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