Supplement School

Supplement School is a comprehensive online education program that teaches you  to be a savvy, holistic wellness practitioner. It’s helpful from day 1, giving actionable  steps to purposefully build a unique wellness practice.    Supplement School has 3 components.    The cornerstone of Supplement School is First Class, a 10+ hour wellness bootcamp  that teaches in-depth and behind-the-scenes supplement knowledge, marketing  and positioning, and building a sustainable wellness practice with your expertise at  the center.    Second are individual modules on supplements and health management. Take 2+  hour classes on demand covering herbs, mushrooms, essential oils, sleep  management, joint health, and MUCH more. Buy a la carte or as a package. COMING  SOON.    Lastly, you can become a member. Membership benefits include coaching, FREE  updates on new wellness trends or current events, marketing content to use in your  practice, and help vetting and researching products and brands to grow your  practice. COMING SOON. 

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