Solutions Rx

Solutions Rx is a pharmaceutical grade vitamin, enzyme, probiotic, and natural product line. We provide specific bag stuffers, marketing manual, and training videos on our products to independent pharmacies. It is our goal to offer a turn-key process with the tools it takes to train each pharmacy about our products. We have our specially designed end cap display, completed with our line of 17 new products launched in 2016. Our product line includes our Restore drug nutrient depletion line in diabetes, high blood pressure, birth control, hormone, and cholesterol, probiotics, digestion, leg cramp, bone, joint, sleep, prostate, detox, memory, Omega 3, men’s and women’s multivitamins. We have teamed up with Amplicare to integrate our products into their systems to help independent pharmacies to identify drug nutrient depletion during workflow.

The program will give you pop up suggestions for the Restore and Superior products within our line of vitamins and supplements. We together can help keep your patients healthy and trusting you as the expert in healthcare. Solutions Rx is owned by an independent pharmacist, who knows all too well how hard it is to make a profit in today’s market. With audits and DIR fees taking back what little you have made, making the struggle real to stay open. With our Up-Solution techniques you can put cash in the register that is yours to help keep the lights on. Solutions Rx is here to help you keep your competitive edge.

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