Independent Pharmacy Problem

Independent pharmacist dispensing margins are shrinking, forcing higher volume and longer hours to make the same income and some patients are going to Chain Pharmacies. Patients are abandoning their prescriptions and refilling their prescriptions less to avoid out-of-pocket costs for their medication, which further reduces the pharmacy’s revenue.

Solubiomix Solution

Solubiomix provides unique, but commonly prescribed medications that yield high value to Independent Pharmacies not available through Chain Pharmacies at little to no out-of-pocket costs to their patients. Solubiomix products help independent pharmacies enjoy greater value to their bottom line and increase their patient satisfaction.

Solubiomix Product Examples

• INDOMETHACIN, SUBMICRONIZED 20MG Capsule, 69499-329-15 (PAIN) Available March 2020
• Chlorzoxazone 250mg tablets, 69499-330-60 (Musculoskeletal Pain)
• Azesco Tablets, 69499-344-30 (Prenatal/Postnatal/Metabolic)
• Xyzbac, NDC, 69597-314-30 (Metabolic conditions)
• Ortho DF, 69597-301-30 (Metabolic/Vitamin D-folate deficiency)

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