Secure 340B

Amanda Gaddy co-founded Secure340B in 2016 to address the unmet need of providing 340B support to independent pharmacies.  After witnessing the impact that a poorly constructed 340B agreement could have on an independent pharmacy, Amanda used knowledge gained from her life’s work of helping these pharmacies to co-found Secure340B.  Through rapid growth and a team of 340B experts with a passion for independent pharmacy, Secure340B currently serves over 350 clients.  Amanda and her busines partner, Julie Crozier, both pharmacists, oversee the breadth of Secure340B service offerings which include:


  • Feasibility Studies to assess potential viability of proposed 340B partnerships
  • Existing Contract Analyses to evaluate and assess need for terms and/or fee restructuring
  • New/Existing Contract Negotiations
  • Pharmacy Staff Education on the 340B program, operations and best practices
  • 340B Contract Implementation Support to provide timelines, expectations and overall assistance during the implementation process
  • Ongoing Support/Program Management Assistance
  • Estimated DIR Fee Calculations and Negotiations
  • 340B-Related Merger/Acquisition Due Diligence Reporting



Want to learn more?  Watch this short video by Amanda Gaddy explaining what we can do for your pharmacy.




For more information, please go to, call 1-888-732-3402 or email The Secure340B Team looks forward to working with you.

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