Scriptera is here to unlock Independent Pharmacies hidden value in their data. Scriptera and its partnership program was developed to help Independent Pharmacies increase their revenues and identify unique business opportunities for each participating pharmacy.

The problem in today’s market is that your data is already being bought and sold behind the scenes, but independent pharmacies are not seeing any of this value. The Scriptera program will alter this dynamic and collectively enhance Independents’ position in the marketplace. Scriptera is built to bring your pharmacy opportunities that are specific to your business.

Partner with Scriptera to make a change for the better. The mission of Scriptera is to offer a complete no cost program in which all participants will join in a revenue share model never before offered to Independent Pharmacies. It is the goal of Scriptera to make this process as easy as possible for our partners without interrupting their daily work routine. Scriptera aims to take our collective partner network and open up a multitude of new avenues for your business to explore. Let Scriptera do all the work behind the scenes to deliver more insights and revenue opportunities than ever before.

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