RxSafe is the leader in robotic automation that improves patient safety and profitability for independent retail pharmacies. For the first time ever at PDS, RxSafe will demo two new “Rx Adherence” technologies.Automated Strip PackagingRxSafe’s RapidPakRx™ adherence strip packager produces single or multi-med pouches with unprecedented accuracy and efficiency, enabling pharmacies to custom package patient medications “on demand.” With a new partnership for 2019, PDS members can experience the unparalleled adherence packaging automation technology of the RapidPakRx, at a significant discount. Say goodbye to exception trays and remote tray filling stations. No more wasted time loading trays. Plus, no more errors from pill-at-a-time tray filling. The RapidPakRx runs 20 “smart” bulk-loaded universal cartridges that dispense all oral solid medications—gel caps, half tabs, new generics, etc.—without calibration. Run a 30-day med cycle in as little as 10 minutes. The system’s unique, 3-step integrated machine vision verification system means one-pass workflow and unmatched accuracy. RapidPakRx has the lowest daily operating costs in the industry. There’s no need to stock expensive inventory in the machine. There’s less expiration waste and refills during a run. RapidPakRx uses automatic, variable pouch length. Our consumable pouch material costs are notably the least expensive.Blister Card Filling AutomationRxSafe’s BlistAssist™ blister card packaging assistant improves manual preparation and verification of single or multi-med blister cards, delivering faster inspection and greater accuracy, traceability and security. Experience BlistAssist’s light-guided, image-driven workflow, and “layer-by-layer” verification that saves valuable pharmacist time. Learn more at www.rxsafe.com.

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