River City Pharma

River City Pharma is a national drug distributor specializing in saving time and money for independent, chain, and specialty pharmacies as well as LTCs and mail-order pharmacies. We began in 2012, guided by an intense focus on unparalleled customer service and unbeatable prices.While River City’s first commitment is always to low prices and personalized service, that doesn’t mean we rest on those laurels. In this year alone, we’ve expanded our catalog to over 10,000 products, added a new distribution center for fulfillment (with more coming), and are launching a state-of-the-art online ordering system before the end of the year.We do this because we love making things easy for our customers. That’s why we accept all major credit cards, checks, and EFT/ACH. It’s why we offer up to 45-day bill pay with Net 10/EOM terms, giving you more time to collect receivables before your own bill is due. If that wasn’t enough, new customers can register and order the same day, all while saving 1% online. We also offer even deeper discounts for corporate customers who prefer to buy in bulk. At River City Pharma, we don’t like surprises. That’s why we stay up to date on market conditions and give every customer a dedicated Account Manager who knows the ins and outs of the industry. With a better catalog, bigger network, and incredible savings – River City is the perfect partner to complement your primary distributor. Call us today at (866) 345-3171 or visit RiverCityRx.com!

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