Rees Scientific

Rees Scientific provides continuous automated monitoring for pharmacies and the healthcare industry. Our FDA compliant monitoring system helps monitor critical assets such as medications and vaccines. We set the standard for monitoring cold storage (refrigerators, freezers, cold rooms), ambient conditions (temperature, humidity, light), and room conditions (temperature, humidity, differential pressure, particle counts). The Rees Scientific monitoring system can monitor a diverse facility with multiple locations while providing immediate data access and sophisticated analysis right from your desktop computer, tablet or phone. You can get instant alarm notification via local sonic, interactive dialed telephone, escalating e-mail and text messaging, day and night. Our sales and engineering team can partner with you to implement the best system according to your needs and requirements. Your system can be stand alone, network or web based. It can also be hard wired, wireless, WiFi or cloud based. It provides automated daily printouts, alarm noti-fication, audit trails and complete data encryption. As an ISO 9001 credited and 17025 accredited company, we can help meet regulatory requirements for USP <797>, USP <800>, FDA, ASHP, VFC, WHO, GxP, Joint Commission, and much more. We employ regionalized sales and service engineers who are fully qualified to solve the most difficult of technical problems, and most of whom are armed with well-stocked vans containing all critical components. Lastly, regardless of where you are located, our live 24/7/365 technical support team ensures requests are responded to promptly and closed out correctly.

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