Ranger Ready Repellents

Ranger Ready Repellents is a premium body-worn tick and insect repellent that exclusively uses Picaridin 20%, the safe and effective alternative to DEET. Ranger Ready is available in 4 premium scents, including an unscented repellent. Ranger Ready is non-greasy, non-corrosive, made in the U.S., and all products are registered with the EPA. Ranger Ready Repellents are safe for everyday use for the entire family, including children over age-1 and women who are pregnant and/or breastfeeding.Ranger Ready with Picaridin 20% provides protection against ticks and mosquitos for 12 hours, and protection against all other biting insects – including flies, gnats, noseeums, and chiggers – for 8 hours.Ranger Ready Repellents are available in three different sized bottles all with fine-mist spray. All bottles spray 360 degrees, are non-aerosol, and are 100% recyclable.

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