Pharmsaver LLC

Pharmsaver.netTM is a pharmacy analytics website designed to increase profitability for participating pharmacies nationwide. Our website possesses many unique features that make it so much more than just a pharmaceutical shopping site.


PharmsaverTM is the home to the unique Reimbursement Alert system which will alert a pharmacy if they risk being reimbursed below cost for any item before they even order said item. Now pharmacies, instead of finding out about losses retrospectively using a negative margin report after claims are adjudicated, can prevent those losses from happening by using our tool for prospective margin analysis.


PharmsaverTM is home to an extremely intuitive shopping function which allows pharmacies to compare pricing against their primary wholesaler orders before they are placed. This allows the pharmacies to find savings without changing the way they order and without increasing the time spent placing their orders. We are affiliated with over 14 different wholesalers across the country that offer competitive and dynamic pricing on pharmaceuticals.


The PharmsaverTM User GPO program provides best market pricing and NDC uniformity. We negotiate with manufacturers to guarantee competitive market pricing on specific drugs.


PharmsaverTM also created Cart Genie to offer additional analytics that include identifying savings from package size substitution; generic manufacturer substitution; and short dated items.  It also includes Optimization which automatically distributes items between wholesalers to meet check out minimums and realize savings.


PharmsaverTM saves participating pharmacies both time and money. Our system is easy to use, powerful, feature rich and simply the best pharmaceutical analytics and ordering service available.

Best of all our service is FREE!

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