Pharmacy Quality Solutions (PQS)

Pharmacy Quality Solutions (PQS) is a healthcare quality improvement company that delivers insights and guidance to support healthcare efforts to optimize the quality of medication management and use for the populations they serve.

  • Our flagship platform EQUIPP® is the go-to source for data and insights between payers and providers to help shape strategies and guide patient quality-improvement opportunities.
  • EQUIPP® hosts a range of performance measures from measure stewards, PQA and NCQA, according to detailed specifications. Payers can include programs with the measures that matter most to their performance strategy.
  • Pharmacies are a key component to addressing health equity gaps. EQUIPP® can display select payers’ immunization opportunities, allowing you to identify patient targets for outreach to keep your communities healthy.
  • EQUIPP’s documentation feature allows pharmacies to organize their efforts for patient and provider outreach.
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