1) At PharmaCanna, we have been manufacturing the pharmaceutical way since 2016.  My name is Meroe Rabieifar and I’m the pharmacist who created PharmaCanna and I ensure that each product we produce is made with the same strict protocol as the products I compound in my pharmacy. Our product labels display QR codes will link you to the COA for each unique Lot number and expiration date. With PharmaCanna you can rest assured what’s on the label is in the bottle, a fact that cannot be said for all other CBD companies.
2) PharmaCanna has always been a THC-Free company to protect pharmacy DEA licenses.
3) At PharmaCanna, we offer the highest concentrations of CBD at the lowest price per milligram in the industry.  We have always offered therapeutic doses such as our 3000mg oil and 75mg capsules.  Most of the industry is less than half of that dosage.
4)  PharmaCanna offers a full line of products. As a pharmacy owner, I understand the ease and convenience of ordering from one source.  Most CBD companies offer a few items that they “”specialize”” in, such as companies that produce only topicals or a companies that produce only tinctures.  PharmaCanna offers tinctures, capsules, ODTs with Melatonin, vapes, gummies and topicals.  We are also constantly in R&D for new products to introduce.
5) PharmaCanna owns the farm…. We grow our own hemp under organic conditions and the Department of Agriculture strictly monitors our activity.
6) PharmaCanna products are manufactured in a FDA approved, cGMP manufacturing facility.
7) PharmaCanna products are 100% natural.  We make every single product with as many organic inactive ingredients as we can source.  We never put anything synthetic in any of our items.
8) PharmaCanna provides full support before AND after the sale.  We provide training for you and your staff to ensure you know drug interactions, how to avoid making claims, and tips and tricks to increase CBD sales.
9) PharmaCanna is the preferred partner of several independent buying groups that vetted our brand and are willing to put their reputation behind our products.
10) The biggest reason to choose us: Over 3500 pharmacists in over 40 states can’t be wrong!  With a 92% reorder rate I feel that says it all.  Our products sell because they work!  Nothing is more gratifying than to hear a pharmacist tell me that “”If it weren’t for PharmaCanna we would have shut our doors a long time ago.””  As an independent pharmacy owner I understand what DIR fees, negative reimbursements, clawbacks and audits do to our industry.   If you haven’t called us to place an order, hopefully you will now.  We want to help you with your revenue and your patients with their health.

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