Pharm Assess, Inc

Pharm AssessRBS (RBS) strives to do more for our clients by providing the resources independent pharmacy owners need to run their business. As a comprehensive retail business solution, we support every aspect of the independent pharmacy with a variety of programs and services. From financial reports and audit assistance, to compliance support and special programs, we understand the needs and challenges of the independent pharmacy and design services to meet those unique needs.

With RBS, independent pharmacy owners have the tools and resources they need to make the best decisions for their business. Receive financial reports from top analysts on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual basis for an accurate financial picture of your pharmacy in real-time. Access reports with the click of a button and harness the power of data & analytics to improve your services and operations.

Ensure your pharmacy is compliant with credentialing support and assistance for third-party payer contracts and audits. RBS offers a cash pricing program to make sure that your cash pricing is competitive. You can maximize your cash prescription gross margin and maintain competitive pricing with the support of our market research and revenue-generating opportunities.

Further enhance your business with a variety of special programs to help your independent pharmacy stand out from the crowd. Implement and maintain a vaccination program with support from Retail Business Solution, including all necessary materials and documentation. Additional special programs include controlled substance patient monitoring, prescription savings program and medication synchronization assistance. For more information, visit

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