Pedifix Footcare

PediFix is a fourth-generation family-owned company specializing in clinically approved footcare products. What’s different between PediFix’s program and what is featured in your footcare section now?

1. PediFix products are used by healthcare professionals worldwide and recommended by them for their patients.

2. PediFix can provide products for over 16 common foot care conditions. Our comprehensive line of Medical Grade foot treatment products means PediFix can be your category captain. We can help you drive more customers to this section and invigorate your footcare business.

3. PediFix’s continual innovation process provides the latest product designs manufactured with industry-leading materials and processes to ensure comfort, condition correction, and product durability.

4. PediFix is known for our physician referral tools designed to help health care providers direct their patients to your store.

5. PediFix’s in-store marketing tools help you merchandise attractive displays filled with products your customers can easily identify.

6. PediFix can help you avoid product duplication—identical products from different manufacturers and wholesalers—that rob space and don’t lead to enough product variations that can increase sales from your foot care section.

PediFix provides the products, tools, and expertise to revamp and revitalize your foot care section. With twelve pre-set displays and planograms—and custom sets as well—we guarantee you will be glad you changed. As a matter of fact, all our products carry a timeless satisfaction guarantee. If anything doesn’t sell you can return it—forever!


For sales, please contact:

Milt Moravek


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