Rethink what your adherence partner can do for your business.

Medicine-On-Time, a CSS Health Company encompasses end-to-end solutions for complete patient care.  Our partnership includes clinical services, patient management software, innovative compliance packaging, and business development programs. We partner with Retail, Long Term Care, and Specialty pharmacies and provide multi-dose and single dose package variations to serve any market. The combination of products and services in our portfolio have been proven to elevate performance scores, improve patient outcomes, and accelerate growth for pharmacies.

As a Medicine-On-Time pharmacy, you gain access to industry experts who guide you through implementation and give you the confidence you need to create a sustainable adherence program. Give yourself a new perspective and turn your pharmacy into a profitable and thriving business with Medicine-On-Time as your partner.


For sales, please contact:

Tori Pearson

(800) 722-8824 ext. 833

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