MatchRX is a private web-based inter-pharmacy marketplace used daily by 6,500+ independent pharmacies to buy and sell small quantities of non-controlled, non-expired overstocked prescription drugs to satisfy a specific patient need. Since our launch in February 2010, our mission has been to connect independent dispensers to resolve three longstanding problems: eliminating costly overstock before it expires, locating small quantities of medications for identified patients, and minimizing the impact of market constraints including delayed maximum allowable cost (MAC) adjustments and direct/indirect remuneration (DIR) fees. MatchRX is DSCSA compliant. Stop by meet our team and experience our new marketplace design and mobile apps. We have added new and convenient features such as a Multi-Seller Cart, Vacation Mode, Bulk Search, barcode scanning, and more! “Our pharmacy has only been a member of MatchRX for about a month and we are pleased with the results. MatchRX provided a way to sell prescription drugs that we may not be able to return to our wholesalers for credit. We look forward to receiving a text letting us know we have sold another item. Our pharmacy has also used MatchRX to locate prescriptions drugs that are not available through our wholesalers for our customers which is another great service for us. We are happy to be a part of the MatchRX program and would recommend this service to any independent pharmacy.” -Rodger’s Pharmacy Contact us for additional information or register for free at

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