Langermania is a resource for independent pharmacies nationally. We supply a wide range of specialty products not found in drug wholesalers or chain stores. Thousands of pharmacies rely on us for more than just great trending products. Most importantly, we offer suggestions on marketing and merchandising. While you deal with the important tasks of prescriptions and assisting customers with there health needs, we are sourcing the trade shows for the best retail items. We spend a lot of time in picking our items, so we both can have products that retail. We get to see which items are really retailing based on sales from the thousands of stores we assist. Our catalog ranges from your pharmacy necessities to amazing phone accessories that every store needs, all the way to nostalgic candies, kids games, and a lot in between. Our phone selection has grown ten fold since we introduced it, every customer that comes in has a phone and needs accessories, and sales have proven they will buy those items from pharmacies all over, big or small. Our new Snak Club line will be a hit for any store as well, especially if you have increased waiters or near by doctors offices. We have a little bit of everything, with experience in the pharmacy world for over 30 years, let us be a resource for you!

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