High Falls Hemp NY

At High Falls Hemp NY, we pride ourselves with providing a full line of pharmacist-recommended, GMP manufactured, and lab-tested products.

What is CBD2.0?

CBD2.0 utilizes Full Spectrum CBD along with the wide range of cannabinoids the hemp plant has to offer (such as CBG, CBN, CBC, and THC). These cannabinoids are combined with terpenes, essential oils, and other vitamins and minerals to achieve a specific, desired wellness outcome (Sleep, Calm, Mobility, Skincare and Immunity).

How Can CBD2.0 Benefit Your Independent Pharmacy?

Our CBD2.0 product line is very well received by our independent pharmacy partners looking to differentiate themselves from the competition. CBD2.0 is a valuable addition to any independent pharmacy, making it easier for your staff to recommend better products and simplifying the customer experience.

The High Falls Hemp NY Difference

As a High Falls Hemp, NY pharmacy partner, we want to help make your in-store CBD service be the best possible. While our passion is creating effective, award-winning products, we also believe education is vital. We offer our CBD training guides, educational counter mats, and eye-catching POS displays to make in-store CBD education easy and effective.

We fully support our independent pharmacy partners and believe the best way to grow our businesses is by helping you grow yours. When you partner with High Falls Hemp, NY, you are getting best-in-class education and products that are sure to leave your customers impressed and coming back for more.

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