GRX Guaranteed Returns

Guaranteed Returns (GRx) is a solutions-based company that has the ability to meet all of the reverse distribution, physical inventory and waste management needs of Hospital IDNs and standalone hospital pharmacies.  This also allows us to assist with determining business decisions to increase revenue while remaining fully compliant with all federal, state and local agencies.

Versalogix – The GRx interactive customer portal, provides 24/7 access to customized reports, intuitive business intelligence and robust data analytics.

GRx Analytix – An advanced technology solution to assist pharmacies with making highly impactful business critical decisions using data solutions.

GRx Credit Maximizer – This program analyzes data from the second processing to validate anticipated results or make plan modifications as needed. Based on results, we provide recommendations to ensure significant improvement going forward.

Additionally, GRx partners with some of the most well-known names in the industry to provide data driven comprehensive business solutions which include Sharp Compliance, Rx Destroyer and Managed Recalls.

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