GeriMed, Inc.

Founded in 1983 as the first LTC pharmacy GPO, GeriMed has been pioneering solutions for nearly 40 years aimed at positioning closed-door and retail ‘combo’ independent community pharmacies servicing the long-term care (LTC) population to thrive through the ever-changing contractual, economic and regulatory demands of our industry.


While operating as a full-service GPO to closed-door pharmacies, GeriMed’s LTC PSAO Network has garnered national attention with their unique ComboMed™ program, the first of its kind to offer a long-awaited solution to retail pharmacies seeking new revenue streams. You may be a retail ‘combo’ independent pharmacy if you operate under a retail designation while also providing services to patients in various LTC care settings, some of which include Assisted Living Facilities, Group Homes, Skilled Nursing Facilities, even patients in the vastly-growing ‘Medical at Home’ level of care population.


Qualified pharmacies can experience higher reimbursement rates, zero DIR fees on Med D LTC claims, no per-claim transaction fees, and a lower pharma cost of goods (in addition to your existing supplier agreement discount), all under your retail licensure and operating space. ComboMed™ is a game changer for ‘combos’ looking to either growth and remain competitive in the retail space or potentially transition into a closed-door model in the future.


Closed-door pharmacy still remains GeriMed’s most recognized area of expertise and growing book of business, making up the majority of our customer base and national footprint. We invite you to challenge your existing network reimbursement through our complimentary, zero-commitment profitability analysis. | 1-800-456-4374


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