Flash Returns

No pharmacy owner can ignore their expiring pharmaceuticals, it would be just as costly to not shop around for the best price on key inventory. Being an expert at every manufacturer’s policy is beyond any store or chain. Let us, as the preferred PDS reverse distribution company serve you with our PDS exclusive low rates, waived destruction fees, waived shipping, and live help available with one of our staff. Try getting the average reverse distributor on the phone, it can be nearly impossible! Independent pharmacy is why we were created: by pharmacist and industry partners tired of getting nowhere with the phone tree run around and confusing credit statements. Our sign up is the easiest, and returns process is the best since it was designed with the least clicks and workflow stopping issues. With all the new track and trace requirements, inventory audits, and increasingly complex regulations around destruction you can’t afford to ignore this part of the business, and likely don’t have time to devote staff to it. Have a technician watch our training video today and turn your expired goods into credit now. By the time they watch, sign up, and do a return, likely 20-30 minutes will have them feeling oriented to our process.

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