First Alternative, LLC

First Alternatives, LLC is an American medical technology and manufacturing company that focuses on simple and safe ways to live a healthy and pain-free lifestyle. The company was founded in 2013 after a tragic family loss to an ADR caused a passion for finding a better way to help everyone get better naturally through their simple and safe programs.First Alternatives is headquartered in Stuart, Florida. It has physical centers and pharmacies located in over 500 cities and 45 states, yet remains a family owned and operated company by Brenda Legel and her son Michael Legel, as well as roughly 300 Independent Sales Representatives. First Alternatives manufactures through third parties located In the United States and Germany and produces products sold in over 5 countries.First Alternatives brands include Avazzia, QRS, and Gut Check Test. These products can be used singly or in combination to help people battle chronic pain and other hard to solve physical ailments. Our Pharmacy program is a Long Term Partnership where we help you introduce our techonilfy into you’re area and share with you profitable streams of ongoing revenue while also giving you a positive impact so that you may be able to help you’re community recover from many terrible chronic pain issues and set you’re self apart from the competition.

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