EzriRx, LLC

EzriRx is the premier Pharmaceutical Marketplace for the 21st Century pharmacy. We are not a basic listing site for wholesalers; we give Pharmacies the ability to shop 25+ NABP (VAWD) Accredited Wholesalers (Including your Primaries) and offer a suite of services to enhance your day-to-day experience and increase your bottom line.

From a 2-minute signup to automated Credit Apps (using e-signature), Best Offers on Products, and the ability to add a Credit Card or ACH to the site for online billing, you’ll never fill out a physical form, use snail mail for invoices and checks or give anyone your payment information again.

Shop Brands, Generics, OTC’s, HBA, CBD, Medical Supplies, Short Dates, Hard to Finds, and more on a free-to-use platform that over 4,000 Pharmacies in the US use.  We syndicate the best deals and offer over 75,000+ products (Pills, Tablets, Ointments, Capsules, and Injectables, just to name a few!), and service Independents, Long Term Care Out-Patient and Hospital Pharmacies using the most advanced technology solution available in the market.

In addition, EzriRx recently partnered with RpH2RpH to offer Pharmacies (in select States) the ability to sell from one to another right within the platform. Shop from other pharmacies for Specific Patient Need, and it’s a Win-Win! Sign up today at EzriRx.com, call us at 718-502-6610, or email us at support@ezrirx.com!

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