Euclid Medical Products

Euclid® Medical Products is the market leader of unit and multi-dose packaging equipment for all types of pharmacies around the world.  We have been in business for over 50 years.  We have just introduced a new line of next generation multi-dose adherence pouch packaging machines called Axial®.  These next generations machines have a smaller footprint for space constrained pharmacies, RFID “Smart” canister technology, quiet operation, easy to clean, built-in dehumidifier and scaleable technology including pouch inspection.


Pharmacies adopting the Axial® can show a positive ROI in the first year thanks to better adherence and more prescriptions filled, new customers drawn to services your competitors may lack, more vitamin/supplement sales, and a reduction in labor. Also, your STAR rating will improve with increased adherence, leading to reduced DIR pull back fees.  If you are interested, we have an ROI Calculator to assist in estimating your numbers.


Here is a video with the machine in operation:

Axial 2 from Richard Storck on Vimeo.


We also have a marketing toolkit available,  called MyMeds+®, to help you promote this new service with your new Axial® Multi-Dose Adherence Packager. We will provide website and social media content and other marketing materials including a customized video.


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