Dr. Wilson’s Original Formulations

Doctor Wilson’s Original Formulations® brand of dietary supplements is formulated by James L. Wilson, DC, ND, PhD. Dr. Wilson’s goal is to provide you with uniquely effective and reliable tools for helping your patients experience the energy, vitality and joy that come with good health. Stressful lifestyles, nutrient-poor food and reliance on drugs have weakened the functioning of the endocrine, digestive and immune systems to the point where vibrant health is not possible without addressing these weaknesses. To truly contribute to health, dietary supplements must nourish, support, strengthen and promote optimal functioning of the physiological processes of health. This is precisely what each of Doctor Wilson’s Original Formulations products is designed to do. We partner with forward-thinking pharmacists to bring vital solutions to your patients while increasing your revenue. You become an expert in stress and adrenal fatigue within your community through our extensive training and education program. Doctor Wilson’s Original Formulations makes it easy to get started as a practitioner in our Health Care Professional Program, keeping your focus on your patients and your business. Website: www.icahealth.comContact: Ericka Eller-Business Development Manageremail: ericka@icahealth.com 888-237-3625

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