Omne Diem

We’re Diem Direct. As in carpe diem. Seize the day. Diem Direct delivers dietary supplements, simplified.


Diem Direct is a new kind of company for a new kind of healthcare. With a multi-channel approach in unique market positions, Diem is advancing integrative wellness strategies by providing consumers, retailers and practitioners with innovative dietary supplements that address under-served and emerging needs.


Founded by an international team of industry veterans in cooperation with European nutraceutical producers and developers, Diem is deeply committed to scientific validation, consumer education, and product innovation. With multiple studies underway and a full new product pipeline, Diem is poised to supply retailers and distributors with unique products that fulfill under-served needs in emerging categories. From food intolerance and digestive health to Brain Support with Cerenx®, Metabolic Support with Adiposano®, Joint Comfort with Zoara®, and our innovative pH Modification line in partnership with Devicare/Lit-Control®, the Omne Diem brand offers customers of all ages unique and effective dietary supplements to seize every day.


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