Dava Naturals powered by LKN Extractions

Dava Naturals, powered by LKN Extractions, brings the professional care and expertise of pharmacists and the knowledge and experience of chemists to provide the highest quality, most effective form of CBD to your patients.

All of our products are locally grown in the USA and manufactured in North Carolina by LKN Extractions.  Our hemp extract is full-spectrum, third party tested and verified, and extracted from hemp grown with organic practices. We exist to provide transparency and legitimacy to an unregulated industry. Our products are guaranteed to be safe and effective, and are beneficial for all adults.

We wanted to create a product exclusive to independent pharmacies like yours. You won’t find Dava Naturals online or available direct to consumer. This brand was created with the utmost integrity and backed by clean products from the start. You can have complete confidence recommending our products to your patients. Even patients who aren’t aware of their need to use CBD as a health supplement find that Dava products improve their overall wellbeing.


  • Therapeutic Grade Quality
  • Trustworthy + Transparent
  • Full Spectrum
  • Grown With Organic Practices
  • Extracted by Scientists


Email: info@lknextractions.com

Phone: (704) 870-2019

Visit www.davanaturals.com to learn more.

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