Datarithm provides pharmacies with value driven cloud-based inventory control software designed to optimize prescription drug inventories.

Founded in 2005, Datarithm is an industry leader for Rx inventory management.  Our innovative features include automated demand forecasting, inventory balancing, cycle counting, and advanced analytics.

We deliver and support a cost-effective integrated software system which increases profits, cash flow, turns and fill rates, while decreasing surplus and dead stock

We simplify tasks and optimize inventory management, save you time reduce the stress of persistent tasks and free staff up for more time for patient care.

  • Our Forecasting engine performs an in-depth analysis of historical transaction data, selects and deploys the “best-fit” lowest error algorithm or custom risk-logic to precisely forecast future demand.  Datarithm then automatically optimizes reorder points and quantities for every item in the pharmacy every month.
  • Our Balancing engine reveals positions of surplus inventory.  Daily return-to-wholesaler lists are generated to act upon.  For multi-store pharmacies, Datarithm makes automated recommendations for “cold-to-hot” store-to-store transfers. Additionally, the system provides return alerts for both in-date and short-dated inventory.
  • Our configurable Cycle Counting engine elevates on-hand counts precision throughout the year.

Datarithm clients enjoy precise, centralized, consistent control of Rx inventories.

  • 15% – 25% inventory reduction of surplus inventories
  • 4-point turn improvement
  • Improved Customer Service
  • Reduction in expired drug returns
  • Lower carry and replenishment costs
  • Stronger profitability, cash flows, and liquidity


Datarithm Contact Information:

David J. Belinski – President

Phone:   315.233.4019


Jennifer Wilcox – VP of Sales & Marketing

Phone:  315.233.4024



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