Crocus Medical

Crocus Medical specializes in pharmacy automation tailored to an independent pharmacist’s needs, with a variety of compact and less expensive models.  Offering not only its own proprietary products, but also representing market leading automation from world-wide providers, Crocus medical has a portfolio that can help your pharmacy in several markets. Whether your focus is on community care, long term care or assisted living setting we have a solution for you.  Our products include:


  • A range of pill counters (counter-top, cassette based and free-standing robots)
  • Adherence packaging robots (both cellophane pouch and blister card versions)
  • Software for inventory management
  • LTC Height Adjustable Medication Carts
  • LTC Automated Pill Crushers
  • Patient Rx Self Retrieval Cabinets


Current customers now expect more “one on one” counselling and faster, patient focussed services with respect to their prescriptions and it is important that independent pharmacists continue to build on those existing customer relationships by providing prompt service and ensuring they are available when needed, to keep their clients happy.   Without our automation in place in your dispensary, this goal is more difficult to achieve.  Don’t lose your clients to mail order services, online adherence packaging companies or due to long line ups to drop off or pick up Rxs…call Crocus Medical and find out how we can help you stay competitive in today’s fast paced marketplace.

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