Capsa Healthcare

Solutions For COVID-19 Vaccination Management

Capsa Healthcare, the company that brings retail pharmacies the leading Kirby Lester-brand automation, offers a diverse line of technology designed to support COVID-19 vaccination initiatives. Our suite of technology features:

  • COVID-19 Mobile Vaccination Stations (full-function M38e and compact, economical SlimCart versions) to organize all vaccine supplies, sharps, and the computer of your choice. Multiple drawer sizes, light and easily moved and stored, ergonomic adjustment, large work surface.
  • Procedure Carts (Avalo brand) that are ideal for organized, locked storage for all PPE and supplies. Durable, easy to clean, plenty of accessories available.
  • And of course, see the Kirby Lester line of counting, error-preventing scan-verification, full robotics, and central filling automation.
  • For pharmacies also serving senior care, Capsa’s NexsysADC 4T is a unique automated dispensing cabinet for complete inventory and security of narcotics and 1st


For pharmacies providing COVID-19 vaccinations, click to see Capsa Healthcare’s full suite of workstations.

Contact Capsa at 800.437.6633,

Capsa’s retail pharmacy offerings for COVID-19 vaccine preparation:

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