It’s time to upgrade your pharmacy practice.

Time is money. Yet, today’s pharmacy management systems are complicated, cumbersome, and inefficient when it comes to getting medications out the door of your pharmacy fast. Most pharmacy systems are outrageously hard to learn AND take too much time or too many clicks to process a medication order from receival to shipping.

On top of that, current pharmacy systems require extensive training, extra hardware, and hours of customer support to be used properly. Industry research shows that pharmacists believe that these pharmacy systems are too expensive and hard to use. Many believe pharmacists weren’t even consulted in the design of these systems.

Well, get ready because that’s all about to change. Enter BetterRX Cloud, an intuitive and seductively easy to use pharmacy workflow platform (operating system) so different, we can’t even call it a pharmacy management system. It’s mobile, versatile, and was designed by pharmacists with a vast knowledge of efficient and compliant pharmacy workflows.

By utilizing BetterRX’s proprietary Smart Queue technology, pharmacy teams can process up to 2 times as many scripts daily, AND closely track their overall profitability as well as profitability per script. Best of all, pharmacy teams can be up and running with BetterRX Cloud in minutes, not months.

All of this and more make BetterRX Cloud the Pharmacy Platform for independent pharmacies that wish to rise above the competition and thrive. Don’t wait. Switch to BetterRX today.

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