RxOneShop, services LTC, Chain, Retail, and Specialty Pharmacies. RxOneShop has been helping thousands of pharmacies across the country for over 12 years with all of their pharmaceutical needs. RxOneShop leverages all the buying power from all the pharmacies we work with. This allows us to negotiate the best possible price from the multiple suppliers we work with. RxOneShop then passes those savings onto each and every pharmacy. RxOneShop is dedicated to saving each pharmacy time and money. Everything we do is geared towards getting you better prices and making the ordering process as fast and easy as possible. See why 1,000’s of pharmacies across the country trust RxOneShop.

There are many reasons to choose RxOneShop for your pharmaceutical needs:

 * Great Prices  * Huge Buying Power  * No Contract  * Easy Online Ordering    * Free Next Day Delivery  * VAWD Suppliers  * Great Customer Service

RxOneShop is your pharmacy’s one stop shop for:

* Generic  * Brand  * CBD Products  * OTCs  * Short Dated  * Diabetic Supplies

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Doug Supon

Vice President

Phone: 877.476.4761 ext. 2

Email: dougs@rxoneshop.com


JAMS Wholesale Distribution LLC. is a company built on patriotism and pride; we value our freedom and the freedom of our clients. Our primary goal is the ultimate satisfaction of every customer, and we achieve that goal with personal, customized service and highly competitive pricing.

As a smaller distributor, we are able to forge real, hands-on relationships with our clients and valuable connections with suppliers. Our representatives focus on the more minute details of every transaction, which translates to substantial savings and excellent customer service.

JAMS Wholesale is a Verified-Accredited Wholesale Distributor by the National Association Boards of Pharmacy.

Independent Pharmacy Distributor

Independent Pharmacy Distributor is a VAWD accredited pharmaceutical wholesaler that distributes FDA approved generic, brand, medical supplies, and Over-the Counter products. We service a wide range of customers, including Independent Retail Pharmacies, Retail Chains, Hospitals and Long-Term Care Providers.

Established in 2015, IPD is a pharmacist owned company not tied to any other wholesaler. Our experienced staff has a background in both pharmacy and wholesale operations which gives us a unique perspective on what your pharmacy is looking for. This includes and is not limited to some of the most competitive pricing in the industry, low order minimums, free next day delivery, an easy to use website with CSOS capability and an experienced sales representative to keep you up to date on all the changes going on in the market around you.

Our Mission Statement as a Pharmaceutical Wholesaler in North Carolina is simple, “treat every customers business as if it’s our own.” With so many additional challenges facing your pharmacy, we recognize that you need every advantage in today’s ever changing market. This is why IPD is constantly trying to figure out new ways to cut costs for our customers. Identifying price increases, product shortages, new launches, and multi-source information (ahead of the rest of the market) are just a few of the ways we can help your pharmacy. This information saves our customers thousands of dollars annually and helps them focus on the most important aspect of their pharmacy and that Patient Care.


1 out of 3 Independent Pharmacies use Trxade. We are truly the Trusted marketplace for Pharmacies, Clinics, Hospitals and Long-Term Care Facilities.

Easily price-compare up to 125 NDCs at once & purchase directly from over 70+ trusted suppliers. Each supplier on Trxade offers convenient payment and shipping terms. Easily access your recent orders and save your favorite products on our easy-to-use platform!

Suppliers on Trxade have Brands, Controls, Generics as well as OTC’s. If you need it, chances are it is listed on Trxade. Our members are saving 50-90% on generics alone and some are even eliminating negative reimbursements. We provide free training and ongoing support while you shop. Our Customer Service Team is here to help!

With free & easy registration, no contracts or fees, being a Trxade member is completely risk-free! Similar to eBay & Amazon, Trxade earns a small transaction fee from our sellers while you receive the very best prices as sellers aggressively compete for your business. It’s a win-win-win!

Call us at 800-805-8705, email newmember@trxade.com or register today at www.trxade.com and watch your profits soar!

Spectrum Pharmacy Products

Spectrum Pharmacy Products is a division of Spectrum Laboratory Products, Inc. Celebrating our 50th anniversary in 2021, the company has grown into the chemical industry’s leading customer-focused global supplier of high-quality chemicals, laboratory supplies, and equipment. Our US and Shanghai chemical manufacturing facilities are ISO 9001:2015-certified. Our cGMP US plants are FDA-registered to supply APIs and excipients to 503A and 503B companies. Our extensive scientific documentation also provides batch traceability, supply chain transparency and change control. In addition, Spectrum Chemical offers the largest selection of USP-NF-FCC-BP-EP-JP chemicals in the world.