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Pharmacy owners who want to grow their business choose Parata to achieve results that matter. Through the use of automation technology, pharmacists practice at the top of their license by engaging in pharmacist-led value-based care, improving medication adherence, and streamlining workflows. Comprising medication adherence packaging, dispensing technologies, inventory management, and workflow solutions, Parata’s solutions power thousands of pharmacies to help people lead healthier lives.


Parata Max®2 and Max® Lite, our high-speed robotic dispensers, can automate up to 80 percent of your oral script volume, giving your team more time to engage patients and provide value-added services. A comprehensive adherence program using Parata PASS® pouch packagers, available in multiple sizes to fit your needs, and Perl® Pouch Inspection can capture additional revenue from your existing patients, attract new patients and partners, and help you improve Star Ratings, medication adherence, and patient outcomes. Our SynMed® blister card solutions allow you to meet the needs of your customers who rely on blister packaging solutions for facility med pass. Beacon® Stocking and Inventory Management solution transforms your pharmacy efficiency and storage, reducing patient medication errors, fill times, and your inventory carrying costs.


Our in-house experts offer a wealth of experience – and we’re with you every step of the way. When you choose Parata automation, you have our support from implementation and training through maximizing your technology to grow your business.


Discover how to stay out in front at For more information, contact us at or call 866-251-6171.

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BestRx is relentlessly committed to the success of independent community pharmacies.  For two generations, BestRx has studied and come to understand the unique needs of independent pharmacy owners, staff, and patients, allowing us to deliver superior tailored, easy-to-use software solutions for the best value in the industry.

Growth is the life’s blood of any pharmacy’s business.  Pharmacists who use our adaptive, intuitive, user-friendly software definitely reap the benefits.  With our innovative software, you can streamline workflows, save time, eliminate confusion, and focus on what really matters: fostering customer relationships, securing long-term success, and growing your business.

BestRx continues to be the industry leader by being first-to-market with new solutions such as Covid-19 vaccination registration portal, Two-Way Texting, eCare Plans, Real-Time Benefit Check, and Telehealth capabilities. We will continue to invest in our software to bring you additional solutions that will allow you to meet the ever-changing needs of your customers.  We are not just a pharmacy software solution; we are a community partner committed to the success of pharmacy owners, the health of patients, and the economic development of the community.

For more information, please visit us at, email us at, or feel free to call (877) 777-5758.  We look forward to speaking with you!



Datarithm provides pharmacies with value driven cloud-based inventory control software designed to optimize prescription drug inventories.

Founded in 2005, Datarithm is an industry leader for Rx inventory management.  Our innovative features include automated demand forecasting, inventory balancing, cycle counting, and advanced analytics.

We deliver and support a cost-effective integrated software system which increases profits, cash flow, turns and fill rates, while decreasing surplus and dead stock


We simplify tasks and optimize inventory management, save you time reduce the stress of persistent tasks and free staff up for more time for patient care.

  • Our Forecasting engine performs an in-depth analysis of historical transaction data, selects and deploys the “best-fit” lowest error algorithm or custom risk-logic to precisely forecast future demand.  Datarithm then automatically optimizes reorder points and quantities for every item in the pharmacy every month.
  • Our Balancing engine reveals positions of surplus inventory.  Daily return-to-wholesaler lists are generated to act upon.  For multi-store pharmacies, Datarithm makes automated recommendations for “cold-to-hot” store-to-store transfers. Additionally, the system provides return alerts for both in-date and short-dated inventory.
  • Our configurable Cycle Counting engine elevates on-hand counts precision throughout the year.

Datarithm clients enjoy precise, centralized, consistent control of Rx inventories.

  • 25% average inventory reduction
  • 6 point turn improvement – 19X average turn for our customers (industry average 12X)
  • Improved Customer Service
  • Reduction in expired drug returns
  • Lower carry and replenishment costs
  • Stronger profitability, cash flows, and liquidity


Video Link:  Datarithm Software Solution:  Demo Video

Drug Topics

Drug Topics

Drug Topics is in its 163rd year of helping pharmacists and pharmacy leaders. Today’s pharmacists continue to rely on Drug Topics to keep them informed about the clinical, business, legal, and regulatory developments that affect their pharmacies.


Invest in your Pharmacy!  Reducing labor and improving accuracy using the EYECON visual pill counter provides an instant ROI.

The EYECON has become the preferred choice for pharmacies that wish to improve dispensing efficiency, and automate the filling process using the bi-directional PMSS interface feature.


EYECON’S unique Visual Counting System™ is up to 76% faster, and significantly more accurate (99.99%) than manual counting, which leads to savings of thousands of dollars per year.  Additional features include C II Double Count, C II Back Count, Inventory Reports and more.

Come see why hundreds of PDS members LOVE their EYECON!


For sales, please contact:

Tim Sachs



EzriRx, LLC

EzriRx is the premier Pharmaceutical Marketplace for the 21st Century pharmacy. We are not a basic listing site for wholesalers; we give Pharmacies the ability to shop 25+ NABP (VAWD) Accredited Wholesalers (Including your Primaries) and offer a suite of services to enhance your day-to-day experience and increase your bottom line.

From a 2-minute signup to automated Credit Apps (using e-signature), Best Offers on Products, and the ability to add a Credit Card or ACH to the site for online billing, you’ll never fill out a physical form, use snail mail for invoices and checks or give anyone your payment information again.

Shop Brands, Generics, OTC’s, HBA, CBD, Medical Supplies, Short Dates, Hard to Finds, and more on a free-to-use platform that over 4,000 Pharmacies in the US use.  We syndicate the best deals and offer over 75,000+ products (Pills, Tablets, Ointments, Capsules, and Injectables, just to name a few!), and service Independents, Long Term Care Out-Patient and Hospital Pharmacies using the most advanced technology solution available in the market.

In addition, EzriRx recently partnered with RpH2RpH to offer Pharmacies (in select States) the ability to sell from one to another right within the platform. Shop from other pharmacies for Specific Patient Need, and it’s a Win-Win! Sign up today at, call us at 718-502-6610, or email us at!

FDS Amplicare

FDS Amplicare strengthens the health of pharmacies and their patients. Through the delivery of innovative software products and services, we enable the evolution of the clinically focused New Era Pharmacy, empowering our clients to provide comprehensive pharmacy and clinical care services for their communities.

FDS Amplicare provides software solutions that are designed to complement a pharmacy’s existing pharmacy management system. Using our tools, pharmacies have been able to:

  • Improve patient care and introduce clinical care services
  • Automate patient outreach and communication
  • Lower DIR fees and increase Star Ratings
  • Streamline pharmacy workflows
  • Find new revenue opportunities with insights into their pharmacy data
  • Help their patients choose the best Medicare plan for their needs

In September 2020, FDS and Amplicare joined together to better help pharmacies during the COVID-19 pandemic. Now FDS Amplicare, this pharmacy software powerhouse is dedicated to improving patient care and fostering better relationships between pharmacies and their communities.



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