PioneerRx is on a mission to Save + Revitalize Independent Pharmacy. As the leading pharmacy management system on the market, we give pharmacies the tools they need to make patient care consistent, competitive, and profitable. We work closely with industry innovators to identify the needs of independent pharmacies, then develop cutting-edge solutions to support them. Solutions encompass everything from dispensing to reporting to a lineup of mobile apps and add-ons that make patient processes even more efficient. Routine updates and weekly new features mean that solutions keep coming, helping our pharmacies stay ahead of the curve.


With unmatched features and customer support, PioneerRx continues to keep going and growing. With over 5,000 locations across the country, we lead the way in installations, conversions, and most importantly, customer satisfaction. In both 2020 and 2021, we were named Flip the Pharmacy’s Technology Solutions Partner of the Year — proving our commitment to patient care and clinical services. Our technology enables independent pharmacies to lead COVID-19 vaccine efforts and eCare Plan documentation. To date, PioneerRx pharmacies have submitted nearly 3 million eCare Plans.


Even outside of our technology, we provide continued support to our pharmacies. Our learning platform, PioneerRx University, offers education and additional resources. Our podcast, the Catalyst Pharmacy Podcast, gives inspiration and practical advice. Our annual user conference, Connect, provides knowledge and networking. In everything we do, we are working to put pharmacies first; and we want you to be a part of the family. Join our mission. Join our movement.



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Pharmsaver LLC

Pharmsaver.netTM is a pharmacy analytics website designed to increase profitability for participating pharmacies nationwide. Our website possesses many unique features that make it so much more than just a pharmaceutical shopping site.


PharmsaverTM is the home to the unique Reimbursement Alert system which will alert a pharmacy if they risk being reimbursed below cost for any item before they even order said item. Now pharmacies, instead of finding out about losses retrospectively using a negative margin report after claims are adjudicated, can prevent those losses from happening by using our tool for prospective margin analysis.


PharmsaverTM is home to an extremely intuitive shopping function which allows pharmacies to compare pricing against their primary wholesaler orders before they are placed. This allows the pharmacies to find savings without changing the way they order and without increasing the time spent placing their orders. We are affiliated with over 14 different wholesalers across the country that offer competitive and dynamic pricing on pharmaceuticals.


The PharmsaverTM User GPO program provides best market pricing and NDC uniformity. We negotiate with manufacturers to guarantee competitive market pricing on specific drugs.


PharmsaverTM also created Cart Genie to offer additional analytics that include identifying savings from package size substitution; generic manufacturer substitution; and short dated items.  It also includes Optimization which automatically distributes items between wholesalers to meet check out minimums and realize savings.


PharmsaverTM saves participating pharmacies both time and money. Our system is easy to use, powerful, feature rich and simply the best pharmaceutical analytics and ordering service available.

Best of all our service is FREE!

VUCA Health

VUCA Health has partnered with pharmacy management systems so you can go paperless! MedsOnCue provides patients with digital to information about the specific NDC dispensed. With MedsOnCue, pharmacies can see direct ROI through savings on paper and toner. Patients scan the QR code with any Apple or Google device to receive all information they would usually obtain on paper. Patients can also access a short video about their prescription and even view a high-resolution image of their medication that’s NDC specific.

ServRx, Inc.

ServRx™ is more than a first fill solution for processing Workers’ Compensation pharmacy prescriptions; it’s a total solution. With no affiliation to PBMs, ServRx works to keep patients in your pharmacy for the life of the claim. ServRx is a real-time, one BIN solution that is proven and profitable.


Vow delivers cutting-edge technology to your pharmacy’s voice and data infrastructure. TalkRx is the all-in-one communication system for pharmacies. Eliminate busy signals and phone bills with our hosted Sky solution, or use your existing infrastructure with our stand-alone IVR. With integrated applications like IVR for refill automation; Outbound Calling for adherence and patient notification; Text Messaging for ease of communication; and Fax Gateway for paperless faxing all included, the TalkRx platform is the perfect partner for your pharmacy. Today’s fast-paced lifestyle requires you to leverage technology to keep up and to meet your customer’s demands. Our system is up for the challenges you face today and your unknown needs of tomorrow.

Kirby Lester, automation by Capsa Healthcare

Kirby Lester, automation by Capsa Healthcare


See a demo of the full range of Kirby Lester Rx filling technology for community and hospital outpatient pharmacies. Our suite of Rx filling technology features:

  • Updated KL1Plus that is ideal for inventory and C-II log, and for error-free patient prescription filling
  • KL1, the world’s most trusted tablet counter. Just plug it in and count quickly and perfectly
  • New KL-SR Secure Robot, which is an important advance in robotic filling with cassettes that never need human calibration
  • For pharmacies also serving senior care, the NexsysADC 4T is a unique automated dispensing cabinet for complete inventory and security of narcotics and 1st doses


Kirby Lester technology interfaces seamlessly with most pharmacy management systems. With Kirby Lester, you know every prescription is filled without error, saves valuable time for technicians and pharmacists alike, and frees up the staff to focus on business-building initiatives like MTM and adherence programs. Kirby Lester is automation from Capsa Healthcare, and proud to serve community pharmacies since 1971.

Avalo Treatment Cart

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Liberty Software

Pharmacy software for pharmacy success. Liberty Software’s platform helps pharmacists enhance patient care, improve profitability, and increase patient safety. The current platform is used by independents, chains, specialty, long term care, compounding, 340B, and mail-order pharmacies.

Micro Merchant Systems

Micro Merchant Systems develops pharmacy software solutions, helping independent pharmacies, hospitals, and institutions fill prescriptions swiftly, securely and profitably while meeting the challenges of today’s pharmacy market.

Easy to use, PrimeRx™ pharmacy software quickly becomes an integral tool for the staff’s prescription workflows, includes features that will streamline daily processes. These features enhance pharmacies overall productivity with tools to simplify workflow, patient and provider intake, process claims, label and dispensing, and managing inventory. PrimeRx is a total pharmacy dispensing solution.

PrimeRx™ benefits are prescription efficiency with reducing dispensing errors, integrated patient management to help identify medication synchronization candidates, patient medication adherence reports to improve CMS Five Star ratings, and insurance management to increase revenue and profitability.

Experience complete interface integration for Rx check out with PrimeRx™, PrimePOS™, and PrimeESC™ and all working together.

  • PrimePOS™ (Point of Sale), built for quick and precise customer check-outs. Inventory management with complete EDI integration with wholesalers to control and automate ordering process.
  • PrimeESC™ (Electronic Signature Capture), scan and link patient’s signature to patient records in pharmacy system. Captures HIPAA signature.
  • PrimeDMS™ (Document Management System), utilizes Windows compatible scanners

to record documents into PrimeRx™ for secure and easy access.

  • PrimeDELIVERY™ (Delivery Module), work seamlessly with PrimeRx™ and PrimePOS™, allowing pharmacies to manage scripts generated in PrimeRx™ for delivery and copay collection.
  • PrimeWEB™ (Web Portal) workflow optimization tool connects patients, doctors, health facilities and pharmacies.

With a client-centered approach, our customizable suite of products accommodates the needs of individual pharmacies for maximum impact in productivity.

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Net-Rx™, An MHA Solution, has specialized in providing operational and software-driven services exclusively for pharmacies for more than 15 years. Led by industry experts, Net-Rx™ provides a comprehensive, interlocking suite of solutions that help pharmacies increase operational efficiency, protect revenue, and maximize profitability.  Our services include claims reconciliation, claims editing, advanced business analytics, contract verification, reimbursement verification, and prescription pricing tools.

The Net-Rx suite of solutions include:

Metric-Rx® is an advanced business analytics platform that gives pharmacy owners and operators an actionable, multi-tiered view of their business in the form of dashboards and reports that reveal key performance indicators such as profitability, utilization, and other comparable metrics.

RecRx uses your electronic remittance advices to capture all pharmacy payments, which are then audited, reconciled, and verified. Pharmacies have 24/7 access to a Web Portal that lists discrepancies in real-time, enabling the pharmacy to identify and correct reimbursement from third-party payers.

Price-It Rx delivers consistent, real-time cash pricing and can be utilized to help manage private pay contracts. Price-It Rx creates uniform, competitive pricing to support consumer confidence and help increase operational efficiencies. Prices are determined through a personalized process, using a pharmacy pricing consultant to help you understand your core business drivers.

EditRx is an enhanced claims editing service that uses proprietary analytics and the support of a dedicated Reimbursement Analyst to detect billing and database errors. By providing pharmacies with exception-based reporting and consulting, we give you the ability to correct errors and recover revenue that would otherwise be lost.

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We know that shrinking margins and changing market dynamics are putting pressure on pharmacies. But at the same time, provider status is expanding, and an increasing number of patients are choosing the pharmacy as their preferred destination for clinical care.

OmniSYS is here to help you protect your bottom line and successfully leverage the expanding role of pharmacy to grow your business. We are committed to helping you provide convenient, affordable and quality care to the communities you serve by engaging patients, providing clinical services and improving financial performance.

The ability to personalize messaging is critical to any business, and pharmacy is no exception.

As your pharmacy evolves towards a service-based model, communicating with patients about more than just medications is critically important. With OmniSYS, you can deliver your patients personalized messaging based on their pre-existing conditions, health risk factors, immunization gaps and more.

As provider status for pharmacists grows, you have an opportunity to capitalize on your access to patients and your status as one of the most trusted professions. Whether you’re looking to start a new clinical services program or expand your existing clinical services business, OmniSYS can help you be successful.

Financial security is essential to your pharmacy, but changing market dynamics can make it hard to achieve. Improve your financial performance through intelligent technology that optimizes reimbursement for the clinical services and an automated pricing solution that helps grow your cash business.

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