Scriptera is here to unlock Independent Pharmacies hidden value in their data. Scriptera and its partnership program was developed to help Independent Pharmacies increase their revenues and identify unique business opportunities for each participating pharmacy.

The problem in today’s market is that your data is already being bought and sold behind the scenes, but independent pharmacies are not seeing any of this value. The Scriptera program will alter this dynamic and collectively enhance Independents’ position in the marketplace. Scriptera is built to bring your pharmacy opportunities that are specific to your business.

Partner with Scriptera to make a change for the better. The mission of Scriptera is to offer a complete no cost program in which all participants will join in a revenue share model never before offered to Independent Pharmacies. It is the goal of Scriptera to make this process as easy as possible for our partners without interrupting their daily work routine. Scriptera aims to take our collective partner network and open up a multitude of new avenues for your business to explore. Let Scriptera do all the work behind the scenes to deliver more insights and revenue opportunities than ever before.

Kirby Lester, Automation by Capsa Healthcare

Kirby Lester, automation by Capsa Healthcare

Kirby Lester automation is a complete suite of Rx filling technology featuring the updated KL1Plus that is ideal for error-free dispensing, inventory and C-II log; new KL-SR Secure Robot with unique universal cassettes for higher volume pharmacies; and the gold standard KL1 counter for accurate, fast counting and inventory sessions. Plus, for pharmacies also serving senior care, the NexsysADC 4T is a unique automated dispensing cabinet for complete inventory and security of narcotics and 1st doses. Kirby Lester technology drives down Rx filling costs and helps you address more pressing needs like customer care and profit-driving initiatives. Proud to serve community pharmacies for 50 years!

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Transaction Data Systems

For over 40 years, TDS has been dedicated to the success of the pharmacy market and pharmacy supply chain. TDS, with its portfolio of products and services including Rx30, Computer-Rx, KloudScript, Pharm Assess, and Enhanced Medication Services, provides innovative technology solutions and pharmacy management systems to the pharmacy industry.


Proudly supporting one of the largest install bases of pharmacies in the industry with systems in all 50 states and the Virgin Islands, TDS is the leading provider of pharmacy focused-patent centric solutions.


Rx30 from TDS is a robust, end-to-end pharmacy management software solution. Rx30 provides an easy-to-learn management platform, point-of-sale software, and central management solution. The Rx30 platform offers:


  • Fully automated e-scripts
  • Dynamic reporting tools
  • Revenue opportunities through clinical solutions
  • More than 80 integration partners


Rx30 helps community pharmacies maximize efficiency, automate prescription processing, grow their business, and better serve their patients.


Computer-Rx from TDS is a complete pharmacy management software solution, easily scalable to fit the demands of any independent pharmacy. Computer-Rx solutions offer:


  • Dynamic reporting tools
  • Easy claim reconciliation
  • Inventory management
  • Innovative clinical solutions
  • Seamless integrations with all major and many regional wholesalers


Computer-Rx enables community pharmacies to grow their business, serve their community, and improve patient outcomes with one central pharmacy system.


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ScriptPro was formed in 1994 to bring robotic dispensing to retail pharmacies. The focus was error prevention, and ScriptPro has never lost sight of that objective. To support its robots, ScriptPro developed a drug database with images, barcodes, and other critically important medication information. This database underpins the broad range of additional solutions ScriptPro has developed to support pharmacies.


ScriptPro robots are unique in many ways. The drug cells are the easiest in the industry to adjust to handle all tablets and capsules. ScriptPro robots apply labels after filling, so label information is always correct. They are designed to need access only from the front. This, along with the six sizes offered, makes it easy to fit a ScriptPro robot in your pharmacy. ScriptPro’s medication pouch packaging technology provides medication adherence solutions for patients, while creating new profit streams and value-based pharmacy services.


The power of medication therapy has evolved immensely since 1994. There is   a constant flow of exciting breakthroughs. ScriptPro believes that eventually all pharmacies will let robots do the counting and labeling so pharmacists and technicians can focus their time and skills on helping patients improve their health, and their lives.


ScriptPro started developing advanced technologies for retail pharmacies years before the importance of ambulatory healthcare was recognized as it is today. Our development work continues at the highest level ever. ScriptPro is committed to equip pharmacies with the technologies and support they need  to function efficiently and profitably within a dynamic and challenging healthcare environment.


PioneerRx is on a mission to Save + Revitalize Independent Pharmacy. As the leading pharmacy management system on the market, we give pharmacies the tools they need to make patient care consistent, competitive, and profitable. We work closely with industry innovators to identify the needs of independent pharmacies, then develop cutting-edge solutions to support them. Solutions encompass everything from dispensing to reporting to a lineup of mobile apps and add-ons that make patient processes even more efficient. Routine updates and weekly new features mean that solutions keep coming, helping our pharmacies stay ahead of the curve.


With unmatched features and customer support, PioneerRx continues to keep going and growing. With over 5,000 locations across the country, we lead the way in installations, conversions, and most importantly, customer satisfaction. In both 2020 and 2021, we were named Flip the Pharmacy’s Technology Solutions Partner of the Year — proving our commitment to patient care and clinical services. Our technology enables independent pharmacies to lead COVID-19 vaccine efforts and eCare Plan documentation. To date, PioneerRx pharmacies have submitted nearly 3 million eCare Plans.


Even outside of our technology, we provide continued support to our pharmacies. Our learning platform, PioneerRx University, offers education and additional resources. Our podcast, the Catalyst Pharmacy Podcast, gives inspiration and practical advice. Our annual user conference, Connect, provides knowledge and networking. In everything we do, we are working to put pharmacies first; and we want you to be a part of the family. Join our mission. Join our movement.


Pharmsaver LLC

Pharmsaver.netTM is a pharmacy analytics website designed to increase profitability for participating pharmacies nationwide. Our website possesses many unique features that make it so much more than just a pharmaceutical shopping site.


PharmsaverTM is the home to the unique Reimbursement Alert system which will alert a pharmacy if they risk being reimbursed below cost for any item before they even order said item. Now pharmacies, instead of finding out about losses retrospectively using a negative margin report after claims are adjudicated, can prevent those losses from happening by using our tool for prospective margin analysis.


PharmsaverTM is home to an extremely intuitive shopping function which allows pharmacies to compare pricing against their primary wholesaler orders before they are placed. This allows the pharmacies to find savings without changing the way they order and without increasing the time spent placing their orders. We are affiliated with over 14 different wholesalers across the country that offer competitive and dynamic pricing on pharmaceuticals.


The PharmsaverTM User GPO program provides best market pricing and NDC uniformity. We negotiate with manufacturers to guarantee competitive market pricing on specific drugs.


PharmsaverTM also created Cart Genie to offer additional analytics that include identifying savings from package size substitution; generic manufacturer substitution; and short dated items.  It also includes Optimization which automatically distributes items between wholesalers to meet check out minimums and realize savings.


PharmsaverTM saves participating pharmacies both time and money. Our system is easy to use, powerful, feature rich and simply the best pharmaceutical analytics and ordering service available.

Best of all our service is FREE!

Liberty Software

Pharmacy software for pharmacy success. Liberty Software’s platform helps pharmacists enhance patient care, improve profitability, and increase patient safety. The current platform is used by independents, chains, specialty, long term care, compounding, 340B, and mail-order pharmacies.


Net-Rx™, An MHA Solution, has specialized in providing operational and software-driven services exclusively for pharmacies for more than 15 years. Led by industry experts, Net-Rx™ provides a comprehensive, interlocking suite of solutions that help pharmacies increase operational efficiency, protect revenue, and maximize profitability.  Our services include claims reconciliation, claims editing, advanced business analytics, contract verification, reimbursement verification, and prescription pricing tools.

The Net-Rx suite of solutions include:

Metric-Rx® is an advanced business analytics platform that gives pharmacy owners and operators an actionable, multi-tiered view of their business in the form of dashboards and reports that reveal key performance indicators such as profitability, utilization, and other comparable metrics.

RecRx uses your electronic remittance advices to capture all pharmacy payments, which are then audited, reconciled, and verified. Pharmacies have 24/7 access to a Web Portal that lists discrepancies in real-time, enabling the pharmacy to identify and correct reimbursement from third-party payers.

Price-It Rx delivers consistent, real-time cash pricing and can be utilized to help manage private pay contracts. Price-It Rx creates uniform, competitive pricing to support consumer confidence and help increase operational efficiencies. Prices are determined through a personalized process, using a pharmacy pricing consultant to help you understand your core business drivers.

EditRx is an enhanced claims editing service that uses proprietary analytics and the support of a dedicated Reimbursement Analyst to detect billing and database errors. By providing pharmacies with exception-based reporting and consulting, we give you the ability to correct errors and recover revenue that would otherwise be lost.

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Discover how our technology powers pharmacy teams.

Parata is known across multiple markets as the leader in pharmacy automation.

Our comprehensive solutions in vial filling, pouch packaging, and blister provide a single-source vendor to meet our customers’ complex needs.  Headquartered in Durham, NC, Parata has over 6000 units installed in pharmacies nationwide, our large team of field technicians install, train, and provide on-going local service to protect your investment.

Our customers say Parata is a strong business partner based upon how we design, build, and service innovative technologies.  We power pharmacists to provide more face-to-face personal care improving health outcomes and the patient experience.


For more information contact us at or call 866-251-6171.



Datarithm provides pharmacies with value driven cloud-based inventory control software designed to optimize prescription drug inventories.

Founded in 2005, Datarithm is an industry leader for Rx inventory management.  Our innovative features include automated demand forecasting, inventory balancing, cycle counting, and advanced analytics.

We deliver and support a cost-effective integrated software system which increases profits, cash flow, turns and fill rates, while decreasing surplus and dead stock


We simplify tasks and optimize inventory management, save you time reduce the stress of persistent tasks and free staff up for more time for patient care.

  • Our Forecasting engine performs an in-depth analysis of historical transaction data, selects and deploys the “best-fit” lowest error algorithm or custom risk-logic to precisely forecast future demand.  Datarithm then automatically optimizes reorder points and quantities for every item in the pharmacy every month.
  • Our Balancing engine reveals positions of surplus inventory.  Daily return-to-wholesaler lists are generated to act upon.  For multi-store pharmacies, Datarithm makes automated recommendations for “cold-to-hot” store-to-store transfers. Additionally, the system provides return alerts for both in-date and short-dated inventory.
  • Our configurable Cycle Counting engine elevates on-hand counts precision throughout the year.

Datarithm clients enjoy precise, centralized, consistent control of Rx inventories.

  • 25% average inventory reduction
  • 6 point turn improvement – 19X average turn for our customers (industry average 12X)
  • Improved Customer Service
  • Reduction in expired drug returns
  • Lower carry and replenishment costs
  • Stronger profitability, cash flows, and liquidity


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