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Perceptimed, Inc

PerceptiMed’s advanced pharmacy automation technologies reduce prescription errors, improve pharmacy workflow productivity and generate a quick ROI ─ from fill to will call.

PerceptiMed’s feature-rich scripClip™ Will Call System includes verification checks that ensure customers receive their correct medications. scripClip™ provides labor saving search and RTS functions. scripClip™ locates all prescriptions belonging to a customer including family prescriptions. scripClip™ locates packages everywhere in the pharmacy and works on existing shelving. It’s the only system that supports both hanging bags and paper Rx bags.

Yuyama Pharmacy Robotics

Yuyama is a pharmaceutical automation manufacturer founded in Osaka, Japan in 1964. We were first to market with automation that counts and dispense oral solid medication. Since then pharmacies all over Asia and many parts of the world noticed the benefits that our products delivered to pharmacies. Those pharmacy managers and owners choose our products and continue to choose our products for the three main benefits, 1) to increase the efficiency of their staff, 2) to decrease their labor cost and 3) to them save money and better manage the cash flow and revenues of their pharmacies. Those benefits have supported rapid growth and profitability in those pharmacies that resulted in them becoming the lead competitor. They leveraged the efficiency of our products to enable them to take on more business. Our customers have told us that the reliability and quality that our products deliver factored into them becoming more profitable which have help them to stay in business longer, and to keep their family business in their family. Perhaps we can do the same for your pharmacy!


ScriptPro was formed in 1994 to bring robotic dispensing to retail pharmacies. The focus was error prevention, and ScriptPro has never lost sight of that objective. To support its robots, ScriptPro developed a drug database with images, barcodes and other critically important medication information. This database underpins the broad range of additional solutions ScriptPro has developed to support pharmacies.

ScriptPro robots are unique in many ways. The drug cells are the easiest in the industry to adjust to handle all tablets and capsules. ScriptPro robots apply labels after filling, so label information is always correct. They are designed to need access only from the front. This, along with the six sizes offered, makes it easy to fit a ScriptPro robot in your pharmacy. And ScriptPro’s implementation
process and customer support are legendary.

The power of medication therapy has evolved immensely since 1994. There is a constant flow of exciting breakthroughs. ScriptPro believes that, sooner or later, all pharmacies will let robots do the counting and labeling so pharmacists and technicians can focus their time and skills on helping patients improve their health, and their lives.

ScriptPro started developing advanced technologies for retail pharmacies years before the importance of ambulatory healthcare was recognized as it is today. Our development work continues at the highest level ever. ScriptPro is committed to equip pharmacies with the technologies and support they need to function efficiently and profitably within a dynamic and challenging healthcare environment.

Vitae Industries

Vitae Industries
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vitaeindustries.comVitae Industries is revolutionizing compounding to make it accessible, reliable and cost-effective for independent pharmacies and their patients. The AutoCompounder platform, designed and built by Vitae, is the first 3D printing-based technology used by pharmacies to automate non-sterile compounding. Whether you compound today or want to start, you can trust the AutoCompounder to print consistent, quality dosage forms (±3% mass variance) across all skill levels with no additional headcount.One benchtop device prints precise solid dosage forms for buccal, chewable, oral, sublingual, suppository, and veterinary compounds into the molds you already use: both disposable and reusable. Vitae’s easy-to-use platform lets pharmacies go from in-the-box to accurately printing 50% more dosages the same day. Customers start printing the day their machine arrives and exceed pharmacy potency standards with an average <5% difference from label claim.Streamline your lab even further by printing multiple strengths from the same stock formula. Flexibly scale by adding more machines and no headcount to near-instantly meet the demands of a growing compounding business. With the modular cartridge system, clean-up is as simple as running the dishwasher, yet fast and flexible supporting instant changes between drugs and dosage forms without cross-contamination. Every customer gets access to our formulary, and our team will on-board your unique formulas to the system, so you’ll seamlessly transition from manual to hands-free.Discover how 3D printing transforms compounding at a fraction of the cost and footprint of pharmacy automation equipment at or (401) 200-8569.


You became a pharmacist to take care of people. As a business owner, you also need to drive efficiency, reduce costs and identify new revenue streams. The Updox Collaboration Platform has helped over 750 community pharmacies like you acquire new patients via digital marketing services, engage with current customers via HIPAA-compliant, secure texting and video chat and collaborate with the largest network of prescribers and the entire care team via eFax and document management with solutions tailored for pharmacies. Take advantage of your role as healthcare’s most accessible care provider.  The future of community pharmacy runs on and through Updox.

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RxSafe is the leader in robotic automation that improves patient safety and profitability for independent retail pharmacies. For the first time ever at PDS, RxSafe will demo two new “Rx Adherence” technologies.Automated Strip PackagingRxSafe’s RapidPakRx™ adherence strip packager produces single or multi-med pouches with unprecedented accuracy and efficiency, enabling pharmacies to custom package patient medications “on demand.” With a new partnership for 2019, PDS members can experience the unparalleled adherence packaging automation technology of the RapidPakRx, at a significant discount. Say goodbye to exception trays and remote tray filling stations. No more wasted time loading trays. Plus, no more errors from pill-at-a-time tray filling. The RapidPakRx runs 20 “smart” bulk-loaded universal cartridges that dispense all oral solid medications—gel caps, half tabs, new generics, etc.—without calibration. Run a 30-day med cycle in as little as 10 minutes. The system’s unique, 3-step integrated machine vision verification system means one-pass workflow and unmatched accuracy. RapidPakRx has the lowest daily operating costs in the industry. There’s no need to stock expensive inventory in the machine. There’s less expiration waste and refills during a run. RapidPakRx uses automatic, variable pouch length. Our consumable pouch material costs are notably the least expensive.Blister Card Filling AutomationRxSafe’s BlistAssist™ blister card packaging assistant improves manual preparation and verification of single or multi-med blister cards, delivering faster inspection and greater accuracy, traceability and security. Experience BlistAssist’s light-guided, image-driven workflow, and “layer-by-layer” verification that saves valuable pharmacist time. Learn more at

Rees Scientific

Rees Scientific provides continuous automated monitoring for pharmacies and the healthcare industry. Our FDA compliant monitoring system helps monitor critical assets such as medications and vaccines. We set the standard for monitoring cold storage (refrigerators, freezers, cold rooms), ambient conditions (temperature, humidity, light), and room conditions (temperature, humidity, differential pressure, particle counts). The Rees Scientific monitoring system can monitor a diverse facility with multiple locations while providing immediate data access and sophisticated analysis right from your desktop computer, tablet or phone. You can get instant alarm notification via local sonic, interactive dialed telephone, escalating e-mail and text messaging, day and night. Our sales and engineering team can partner with you to implement the best system according to your needs and requirements. Your system can be stand alone, network or web based. It can also be hard wired, wireless, WiFi or cloud based. It provides automated daily printouts, alarm noti-fication, audit trails and complete data encryption. As an ISO 9001 credited and 17025 accredited company, we can help meet regulatory requirements for USP <797>, USP <800>, FDA, ASHP, VFC, WHO, GxP, Joint Commission, and much more. We employ regionalized sales and service engineers who are fully qualified to solve the most difficult of technical problems, and most of whom are armed with well-stocked vans containing all critical components. Lastly, regardless of where you are located, our live 24/7/365 technical support team ensures requests are responded to promptly and closed out correctly.

First Alternative, LLC

First Alternatives, LLC is an American medical technology and manufacturing company that focuses on simple and safe ways to live a healthy and pain-free lifestyle. The company was founded in 2013 after a tragic family loss to an ADR caused a passion for finding a better way to help everyone get better naturally through their simple and safe programs.First Alternatives is headquartered in Stuart, Florida. It has physical centers and pharmacies located in over 500 cities and 45 states, yet remains a family owned and operated company by Brenda Legel and her son Michael Legel, as well as roughly 300 Independent Sales Representatives. First Alternatives manufactures through third parties located In the United States and Germany and produces products sold in over 5 countries.First Alternatives brands include Avazzia, QRS, and Gut Check Test. These products can be used singly or in combination to help people battle chronic pain and other hard to solve physical ailments. Our Pharmacy program is a Long Term Partnership where we help you introduce our techonilfy into you’re area and share with you profitable streams of ongoing revenue while also giving you a positive impact so that you may be able to help you’re community recover from many terrible chronic pain issues and set you’re self apart from the competition.

Digital Pharmacist

Digital Pharmacist Inc. ( – recognized as a top digital healthcare startup at Healthcare Texas 2016 and winner of Austin’s 50 on Fire – is a rapidly growing digital health company that offers an omni-channel patient engagement platform that serves over 7,500 pharmacies, national pharmacy wholesalers, and hospital systems. Using the platform, pharmacists can interact with their patients securely through every possible communication channel such as Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems with outbound reminders and branded pharmacy websites and mobile apps with one-click refill and automated reminder alerts. Through the branded pharmacy websites and mobile apps, patients can obtain the latest information about their medication, access medication coupons, and read up on the latest health news curated by the company’s in-house pharmacist, Anyssa Garza PharmD, BCMAS. In addition, the Digital Pharmacist Inc. platform allows pharmacists to communicate closely with their patients through branded SMS text message refill and reminder alerts, customer relationship management, and email marketing tools such as branded email newsletters, patient reviews and interactive wellness classes on the most important clinical conditions, such as diabetes, hypertension, and many others. The company is headquartered in Austin, Texas with offices in Newark, New Jersey. Digital Pharmacist Inc. is the exclusive and official digital partner for the National Community Pharmacy Association and a winner of the 2017 Austin A-List Awards.