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Solutions For COVID-19 Vaccination Management

Capsa Healthcare, the company that brings retail pharmacies the leading Kirby Lester-brand automation, offers a diverse line of technology designed to support COVID-19 vaccination initiatives. Our suite of technology features:

  • COVID-19 Mobile Vaccination Stations (full-function M38e and compact, economical SlimCart versions) to organize all vaccine supplies, sharps, and the computer of your choice. Multiple drawer sizes, light and easily moved and stored, ergonomic adjustment, large work surface.
  • Procedure Carts (Avalo brand) that are ideal for organized, locked storage for all PPE and supplies. Durable, easy to clean, plenty of accessories available.
  • And of course, see the Kirby Lester line of counting, error-preventing scan-verification, full robotics, and central filling automation.
  • For pharmacies also serving senior care, Capsa’s NexsysADC 4T is a unique automated dispensing cabinet for complete inventory and security of narcotics and 1st


For pharmacies providing COVID-19 vaccinations, click to see Capsa Healthcare’s full suite of workstations.

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Capsa’s retail pharmacy offerings for COVID-19 vaccine preparation:


As the healthcare landscape transitions to value-based care, community pharmacy is primed to play a critical role. PrescribeWellness provides a single software solution designed to empower pharmacy to improve adherence, loyalty, outcomes – and their bottom line – by guiding them to become a healthcare destination. But going #BeyondTheFill requires time and manpower, which is why our VRxAssist service provides virtual assistance so that you can focus and capitalize on additional clinical services that generate revenue. Your VRxConsultant will manage your Sync workflow, Medicare plan reviews, vaccination program, year-round patient engagement strategy, and more, adding up to an average 5-to-1 return.


ScriptPro was formed in 1994 to bring robotic dispensing to retail pharmacies. The focus was error prevention, and ScriptPro has never lost sight of that objective. To support its robots, ScriptPro developed a drug database with images, barcodes and other critically important medication information. This database underpins the broad range of additional solutions ScriptPro has developed to support pharmacies.

ScriptPro robots are unique in many ways. The drug cells are the easiest in the industry to adjust to handle all tablets and capsules. ScriptPro robots apply labels after filling, so label information is always correct. They are designed to need access only from the front. This, along with the six sizes offered, makes it easy to fit a ScriptPro robot in your pharmacy. And ScriptPro’s implementation
process and customer support are legendary.

The power of medication therapy has evolved immensely since 1994. There is a constant flow of exciting breakthroughs. ScriptPro believes that, sooner or later, all pharmacies will let robots do the counting and labeling so pharmacists and technicians can focus their time and skills on helping patients improve their health, and their lives.

ScriptPro started developing advanced technologies for retail pharmacies years before the importance of ambulatory healthcare was recognized as it is today. Our development work continues at the highest level ever. ScriptPro is committed to equip pharmacies with the technologies and support they need to function efficiently and profitably within a dynamic and challenging healthcare environment.


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Darin Gleason


Digital Pharmacist

Stand out from your competition. Digital Pharmacist offers HIPAA-compliant, cloud-based solutions to help your pharmacy attract new customers, increase efficiencies, and grow your business. From communications and adherence to digital marketing and reputation management, we provide you with everything you need to be successful in the digital age. We prove our value by giving you access to metrics that showcase results and creating products that both integrate with each other and multiple pharmacy management systems. With a deep understanding of the pharmacy industry paired with our customer-centric culture, Digital Pharmacist helps you transform the way you do business.

Kirby Lester, automation by Capsa Healthcare

Kirby Lester, automation by Capsa Healthcare


See a demo of the full range of Kirby Lester Rx filling technology for community and hospital outpatient pharmacies. Our suite of Rx filling technology features:

  • Updated KL1Plus that is ideal for inventory and C-II log, and for error-free patient prescription filling
  • KL1, the world’s most trusted tablet counter. Just plug it in and count quickly and perfectly
  • New KL-SR Secure Robot, which is an important advance in robotic filling with cassettes that never need human calibration
  • For pharmacies also serving senior care, the NexsysADC 4T is a unique automated dispensing cabinet for complete inventory and security of narcotics and 1st doses


Kirby Lester technology interfaces seamlessly with most pharmacy management systems. With Kirby Lester, you know every prescription is filled without error, saves valuable time for technicians and pharmacists alike, and frees up the staff to focus on business-building initiatives like MTM and adherence programs. Kirby Lester is automation from Capsa Healthcare, and proud to serve community pharmacies since 1971.

Avalo Treatment Cart

For full information, click here to learn more about retail pharmacy solutions. 

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Micro Merchant Systems

Micro Merchant Systems is a pharmacy technology company that has been providing exceptional management solutions to the Independent Pharmacy Market for 30 years. Thousands of pharmacies throughout the U.S trust our PrimeRx™ system to manage their Retail, Long-Term Care, Specialty, Compounding, 340B, Mail order, Physician’s office, Hospital & Health System Outpatient, and Hub Service Pharmacy technology needs.


Our Windows-based PrimeRx™ Pharmacy Management System serves as a local or hosted platform for our innovative solution offerings. At Micro Merchant Systems, we offer products, services, APPs, APIs, and vendor interfaces to keep your pharmacy running at the peak of performance.


For more information, please email us at or call (866) 495-3999 to set up a PrimeRx™ Demo. Visit us online at

Parata Systems, LLC

Pharmacy owners who want to grow their businesses choose Parata to achieve results that matter. Our scalable solutions support business growth, better health outcomes, and lower medical costs. Parata Max®2, our high-speed robotic dispenser, can automate up to 80 percent of your oral script volume, leaving your team free to engage patients and provide value-added services. A comprehensive adherence program using Parata pouch packaging can capture additional revenue from your existing patients, attract new patients and partners, and help you improve Star Ratings, medication adherence, and patient outcomes. Discover how to stay out in front at

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BestRx is relentlessly committed to the success of independent community pharmacies.  For two generations, BestRx has studied and come to understand the unique needs of independent pharmacy owners, staff, and patients, allowing us to deliver superior tailored, easy-to-use software solutions for the best value in the industry.

Growth is the life’s blood of any pharmacy’s business.  Pharmacists who use our adaptive, intuitive, user-friendly software definitely reap the benefits.  With our innovative software, you can streamline workflows, save time, eliminate confusion, and focus on what really matters: fostering customer relationships, securing long-term success, and growing your business.

BestRx continues to be the industry leader by being first-to-market with new solutions such as eCare Plans, Real-Time Benefit Check, and Telehealth capabilities. We will continue to invest in our software to bring you additional solutions that will allow you to meet the ever-changing needs of your customers.  We are not just a pharmacy software solution; we are a community partner committed to the success of pharmacy owners, the health of patients, and the economic development of the community.

For more information, please visit us at, email us at, or feel free to call (877) 777-5758.  We look forward to speaking with you!

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  • FREE DATA CONVERSION ($1,500 value!) for existing pharmacies who switch to BestRx!


Drug Topics

Drug Topics

Drug Topics is in its 163rd year of helping pharmacists and pharmacy leaders. Today’s pharmacists continue to rely on Drug Topics to keep them informed about the clinical, business, legal, and regulatory developments that affect their pharmacies.


Invest in your Pharmacy!  Reducing labor and improving accuracy using the EYECON visual pill counter provides an instant ROI.

The EYECON has become the preferred choice for pharmacies that wish to improve dispensing efficiency, and automate the filling process using the bi-directional PMSS interface feature.


EYECON’S unique Visual Counting System™ is up to 76% faster, and significantly more accurate (99.99%) than manual counting, which leads to savings of thousands of dollars per year.  Additional features include C II Double Count, C II Back Count, Inventory Reports and more.

Come see why hundreds of PDS members LOVE their EYECON!


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Tim Sachs