Yuyama Pharmacy Robotics

Yuyama is a pharmaceutical automation manufacturer founded in Osaka, Japan in 1964. We were first to market with automation that counts and dispense oral solid medication. Since then pharmacies all over Asia and many parts of the world noticed the benefits that our products delivered to pharmacies.

Those pharmacy managers and owners choose our products and continue to choose our products for the three main benefits:

1) to increase the efficiency of their staff

2) to decrease their labor cost; and

3) to them save money and better manage the cash flow and revenues of their pharmacies.

Those benefits have supported rapid growth and profitability in those pharmacies that resulted in them becoming the lead competitor. They leveraged the efficiency of our products to enable them to take on more business. Our customers have told us that the reliability and quality that our products deliver factored into them becoming more profitable which have help them to stay in business longer, and to keep their family business in their family. Perhaps we can do the same for your pharmacy!


ScriptPro was formed in 1994 to bring robotic dispensing to retail pharmacies. The focus was error prevention, and ScriptPro has never lost sight of that objective. To support its robots, ScriptPro developed a drug database with images, barcodes and other critically important medication information. This database underpins the broad range of additional solutions ScriptPro has developed to support pharmacies.

ScriptPro robots are unique in many ways. The drug cells are the easiest in the industry to adjust to handle all tablets and capsules. ScriptPro robots apply labels after filling, so label information is always correct. They are designed to need access only from the front. This, along with the six sizes offered, makes it easy to fit a ScriptPro robot in your pharmacy. And ScriptPro’s implementation
process and customer support are legendary.

The power of medication therapy has evolved immensely since 1994. There is a constant flow of exciting breakthroughs. ScriptPro believes that, sooner or later, all pharmacies will let robots do the counting and labeling so pharmacists and technicians can focus their time and skills on helping patients improve their health, and their lives.

ScriptPro started developing advanced technologies for retail pharmacies years before the importance of ambulatory healthcare was recognized as it is today. Our development work continues at the highest level ever. ScriptPro is committed to equip pharmacies with the technologies and support they need to function efficiently and profitably within a dynamic and challenging healthcare environment.


For sales, please contact:

Darin Gleason



Retail Management Solutions

Founded in 1998 with a mission to help pharmacies understand and use technology-based tools to run a successful business, Retail Management Solutions is now one of the most respected point-of-sale providers in the industry. RMS’ POS systems are created exclusively for pharmacies and tailored to solve the challenges faced by pharmacies today. With customized solutions for any size pharmacy, RMS works to help your pharmacy achieve goals and remove barriers for better patient care. At RMS, we believe that partnership as at the heart of successful pharmacy/vendor relationships. We aim to help customers work with the partners they choose and offer integrations to more than 30 pharmacy systems. You’ll work with the pharmacy system partner of your choice without sacrificing the benefits brought by a robust pharmacy point-of-sale system. RMS offers a range of point-of-sale products that are both flexible and scalable to meet the needs of any pharmacy. While our easy-to-use till application is at the forefront of day to day activities in the pharmacy, we know that running a successful pharmacy goes far beyond collecting a payment. RMS’ industry leading solutions include nutrient depletion notifications, Ecommerce capabilities, emailing of receipts and statements, along with a host of mobile solutions.

Digital Pharmacist

Digital Pharmacist Inc. (www.digitalpharmacist.com) – recognized as a top digital healthcare startup at Healthcare Texas 2016 and winner of Austin’s 50 on Fire – is a rapidly growing digital health company that offers an omni-channel patient engagement platform that serves over 7,500 pharmacies, national pharmacy wholesalers, and hospital systems. Using the platform, pharmacists can interact with their patients securely through every possible communication channel such as Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems with outbound reminders and branded pharmacy websites and mobile apps with one-click refill and automated reminder alerts. Through the branded pharmacy websites and mobile apps, patients can obtain the latest information about their medication, access medication coupons, and read up on the latest health news curated by the company’s in-house pharmacist, Anyssa Garza PharmD, BCMAS. In addition, the Digital Pharmacist Inc. platform allows pharmacists to communicate closely with their patients through branded SMS text message refill and reminder alerts, customer relationship management, and email marketing tools such as branded email newsletters, patient reviews and interactive wellness classes on the most important clinical conditions, such as diabetes, hypertension, and many others. The company is headquartered in Austin, Texas with offices in Newark, New Jersey. Digital Pharmacist Inc. is the exclusive and official digital partner for the National Community Pharmacy Association and a winner of the 2017 Austin A-List Awards.


PioneerRx is the #1 pharmacy software chosen by independent pharmacies. Our software is installed 2x more than any other competitor. Weekly, cutting-edge improvements provide tools that empower pharmacies to evolve with the industry and offer innovative services. PioneerRx also supports seamless integration with connected vendors as well as mobile apps for patient counseling, mobile delivery, patient portals, drive-thru, and mobile inventory.

SynMed Automation by Synergy Medical

With over 12 years of experience, and 500+ installations in North America, Synergy Medical is the market leader in pharmacy automation for dispensing solid oral medication in blister packs. The Synergy Medical team is focused on the design, manufacturing, service, and support of the SynMed® system. SynMed® uses a patented pick & place technology, which addresses USP800 concerns while minimizing cleaning and maintenance requirements. Our engineers are continuously working to upgrade the technology, allowing SynMed® to interface with virtually every pharmacy software system, and to fill over 30 different types of both single and multi-dose blister packs.

SynMed® is both a medication synchronization and medication adherence strategy to drive 5-star ratings, achieve high rates of reimbursement, and attract new patients.  Our proven technology has evolved to offer solutions for all levels of production. In addition to our standard robot, SynMed® ULTRA offers unparalleled production speeds for high volume environments (200 single dose cards per hour; 100 multi-dose cards per hour).  Conversely, SynMed® Assist is an on-screen guidance system for accurate and efficient manual production — an excellent way to safely initiate an adherence strategy, with the option to migrate to full automation when the time is right.

Allow Synergy Medical’s experience to work for you.  Our technology guarantees Accuracy and Efficiency, paving the way for Profitable Growth and best in class Patient Management.


For sales, please contact:

Mark Rinker, Vice President Sales, North America




Vow delivers cutting-edge technology to your pharmacy’s voice and data infrastructure. TalkRx is the all-in-one communication system for pharmacies. Eliminate busy signals and phone bills with our hosted Sky solution, or use your existing infrastructure with our stand-alone IVR. With integrated applications like IVR for refill automation; Outbound Calling for adherence and patient notification; Text Messaging for ease of communication; and Fax Gateway for paperless faxing all included, the TalkRx platform is the perfect partner for your pharmacy. Today’s fast-paced lifestyle requires you to leverage technology to keep up and to meet your customer’s demands. Our system is up for the challenges you face today and your unknown needs of tomorrow.

VUCA Health

VUCA Health has partnered with pharmacy management systems so you can go paperless! MedsOnCue provides patients with digital to information about the specific NDC dispensed. With MedsOnCue, pharmacies can see direct ROI through savings on paper and toner. Patients scan the QR code with any Apple or Google device to receive all information they would usually obtain on paper. Patients can also access a short video about their prescription and even view a high-resolution image of their medication that’s NDC specific.

Micro Merchant Systems

Micro Merchant Systems develops pharmacy software solutions, helping independent pharmacies, hospitals, and institutions fill prescriptions swiftly, securely, and profitably while meeting the challenges of today’s pharmacy market.

PrimeRx™ pharmacy software is easy to use and quickly becomes an integral tool for the staff’s prescription workflows and includes features that will streamline daily processes. These features enhance overall productivity with tools to simplify workflow, patient and provider intake, label and dispensing, process claims, and manage inventory. PrimeRx is a total pharmacy dispensing solution.

PrimeRx™ increases prescription efficiency by reducing dispensing errors, provides integrated patient management to help identify medication synchronization candidates, produces patient medication adherence reports to improve CMS Five Star ratings, and supports insurance management to increase revenue and profitability.

Experience complete interface integration for Rx check-out with PrimeRx™, PrimePOS™, and PrimeESC™.

  • PrimePOS™ (Point of Sale) is built for quick and precise customer check-outs. Inventory management with complete wholesaler EDI integration controls and automates the ordering process.
  • PrimeESC™ (Electronic Signature Capture) scans and links patient’s signature to patient records in pharmacy system. Captures HIPAA signature.
  • PrimeDMS™ (Document Management System) utilizes Windows compatible scanners

to record documents into PrimeRx™ for secure and easy access.

  • PrimeDELIVERY™ (Delivery Module) works seamlessly with PrimeRx™ and PrimePOS™, allowing pharmacies to manage scripts generated in PrimeRx™ for delivery and copay collection.
  • PrimeWEB™ (Web Portal) is a workflow optimization tool that connects patients, doctors, health facilities and pharmacies.

With a client-centered approach, our customizable suite of products accommodates the needs of individual pharmacies for maximum productivity.


For sales, please contact:

Brian Courtney




Net-Rx™, An MHA Solution, has specialized in providing operational and software-driven solutions exclusively for pharmacies for more than 15 years. Led by industry experts, Net-Rx™ solutions drive operational excellence and optimum financial performance across reconciliation, reimbursement verification, and prescription pricing.