Pharmacy Services Group (PSGA)

Pharmacy Services Group of America, Inc – PSGA, Inc.
Headquarters: Orlando, Florida

What We Do: PSGA, Inc is a health care performance improvement company that helps Community Pharmacies incorporate some of the latest and greatest gadgets and software programs to streamline operational revenue, improve customer service, cut costs, and help patients.

Accomplishments: The company is led by community pharmacists and health care experts with decades of experience and multi-store ownership providing proven and tested programs.

New/Innovative Projects: 

PSGA, Inc is currently developing solution for medication inventory solution, logistics, e-commerce and Business Data Analytics.


BonaRx®: is a Custom Medication Savings Card that’s tailored to the Community Pharmacies. Our program is approved with all PSAOs and accepted at virtually all pharmacies. BonaRx provides ongoing revenue share plus dispensing data from your local market area to help you bring more cash patients to your pharmacy and grow your business. It also helps you market your pharmacy to local physicians, clinics and organizations. This program is 100% free of charge and also provides your first set of cards to get you started and includes a customs URL for the pharmacy.


AlereRx®: As telemedicine becomes more mainstream in providing patient care, AlereRx telemedicine provides an opportunity to help patients access over 5,000 US based physician 24/7 from any mobile device in under 10 minutes or less. Our program helps community pharmacies provide an extremely cost effective health care for those that are insured, under-insured or uninsured and our revenue share system can easily improve patient loyalty to your brand and much need new business every pharmacy needs. It also includes Discount Dental, Vision, Lab and imaging discount.


RxReach®: Customer communication is vital to any business. RxReach enables a 2-way, SMS, MMS, Voice and Fax communication for today’s active pharmacy business. Community Pharmacies can educate, inform and remind patients in the most efficient and cost-effective way with a 95% open rate within 3 minutes. In addition, With FastQuoteRx the pharmacist has the ability to help enroll patients in a Medicare Part D, Medicare Advantage or Medicare Supplement right at the pharmacy which benefits the patient and the pharmacy and guarantees continued health care the smart way.

Altium Healthcare

Altium Healthcare, formerly Tri State Distribution, is a U.S. based manufacturer of prescription packaging solutions with over 400,000 square feet of manufacturing space in Tennessee, and regional distribution warehouses in Nevada, Kansas and Pennsylvania.  In addition to vials, bottles, and closures, Altium Healthcare also manufactures labels of all types and applications. With 50+ patents awarded and more pending, Altium Healthcare has the innovation, size, and presence to serve your packaging needs, whatever they may be.

Stop by the Altium Healthcare booth at the 2022 PDS Conference to see our newest, revolutionary solution to prescription packaging, the ProLite® series.  This patented container/closure system is one of the safest, eco-friendly products on the market.

  • The container is available in six sizes, ranging from 16 dram (60cc) to 75 dram (250cc), in amber and red.
  • Made from PET (including post-consumer recycled resin), one of the most recycled plastics on the planet!
  • One size dual purpose reversible cap fits all container sizes (38mm neck)
  • Standard caps (white only) and custom caps with Pillboard® messaging on both sides of the cap available in red, dark blue, light blue, and white.

Combine the ProLite® series with Altium Healthcare’s premium labels for a complete packaging solution!

The name has changed, but our commitment to quality, customer service, and innovation remains the same.

Visit or call 800-392-9824 for more information today!


For sales, please contact:

Phyllis Holcomb

(800) 392-9824 x6289

Kirby Lester, automation by Capsa Healthcare

Kirby Lester, automation by Capsa Healthcare

Kirby Lester automation is a complete suite of Rx filling technology featuring the updated KL1Plus that is ideal for error-free dispensing, inventory and C-II log; new KL-SR Secure Robot with unique universal cassettes for higher volume pharmacies; and the gold standard KL1 counter for accurate, fast counting and inventory sessions. Plus, for pharmacies also serving senior care, the NexsysADC 4T is a unique automated dispensing cabinet for complete inventory and security of narcotics and 1st doses. Kirby Lester technology drives down Rx filling costs and helps you address more pressing needs like customer care and profit-driving initiatives. Proud to serve community pharmacies for 50 years!

For more, go to

Contact us at 800.437.6633 or

DRX Software

DRX is the first cloud based pharmacy management solution for retail and long term care. Access all of your data from anywhere while using our incredible features like our built in phone system with IVR, text messaging, email, fax, point-of-sale, charge accounts, outbound mailing/shipping, clinical features, and much more all included at no additional charge. Many customers save thousands per year when they switch to DRX. Check out the pharmacy management system that was Built By Pharmacists at!


For sales, please contact:

Daniel Safee

(855) 955-3050


ScriptPro was formed in 1994 to bring robotic dispensing to retail pharmacies. The focus was error prevention, and ScriptPro has never lost sight of that objective. To support its robots, ScriptPro developed a drug database with images, barcodes and other critically important medication information. This database underpins the broad range of additional solutions ScriptPro has developed to support pharmacies.

ScriptPro robots are unique in many ways. The drug cells are the easiest in the industry to adjust to handle all tablets and capsules. ScriptPro robots apply labels after filling, so label information is always correct. They are designed to need access only from the front. This, along with the six sizes offered, makes it easy to fit a ScriptPro robot in your pharmacy. And ScriptPro’s implementation
process and customer support are legendary.

The power of medication therapy has evolved immensely since 1994. There is a constant flow of exciting breakthroughs. ScriptPro believes that, sooner or later, all pharmacies will let robots do the counting and labeling so pharmacists and technicians can focus their time and skills on helping patients improve their health, and their lives.

ScriptPro started developing advanced technologies for retail pharmacies years before the importance of ambulatory healthcare was recognized as it is today. Our development work continues at the highest level ever. ScriptPro is committed to equip pharmacies with the technologies and support they need to function efficiently and profitably within a dynamic and challenging healthcare environment.


For sales, please contact:

Darin Gleason


Retail Management Solutions (RMS)

Retail Management Solutions has been helping pharmacies become more profitable and customer-centric since 1998.  RMS’ solutions are comprehensive, scalable, flexible, and easy to use.  Our software programs and over 30 pharmacy system integrations go beyond the basics of what you might expect from a POS system. We empower our users to work with the partners of their choosing and build a system that is tailored to their needs. RMS customers have access to exclusive features like built in will-call management, eCommerce integrations including Pointy from Google, and drug induced nutrient depletion notifications at the register, helping pharmacies to improve patient outcomes and grow pharmacy profits. RMS customers also have access to many robust POS options that are fully customizable based on the needs of the pharmacy. These include:

  • Home Delivery with electronic signature capture
  • Customer Loyalty and Advanced Gift with Purchase.
  • Curbside and Drive Thru technology
  • SafeSign – for capturing signatures using your customer’s smart phone
  • Inventory Management including automated price updates, purchasing & receiving, integrated signs & labels and advanced product reporting.
  • Accounts Receivable
  • … and so much more.

RMS’  U.S. based customer support team is available to customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, allowing our customers to obtain support whenever they need it. RMS’ support technicians work exclusively with pharmacies and work with our customers to find solutions to questions, challenges and problems. And our Customer Success team is here to make sure our customers always get the most from their RMS point-of-sale system.

Digital Pharmacist

Stand out from your competition. Digital Pharmacist offers HIPAA-compliant, cloud-based solutions to help your pharmacy attract new customers, increase efficiencies, and grow your business. From communications and adherence to digital marketing and reputation management, we provide you with everything you need to be successful in the digital age. We prove our value by giving you access to metrics that showcase results and creating products that both integrate with each other and multiple pharmacy management systems. With a deep understanding of the pharmacy industry paired with our customer-centric culture, Digital Pharmacist helps you transform the way you do business.


PioneerRx is the #1 pharmacy software chosen by independent pharmacies. Our software is installed 2x more than any other competitor. Weekly, cutting-edge improvements provide tools that empower pharmacies to evolve with the industry and offer innovative services. PioneerRx also supports seamless integration with connected vendors as well as mobile apps for patient counseling, mobile delivery, patient portals, drive-thru, and mobile inventory.

Pharmsaver LLC

Pharmsaver.netTM is a pharmacy analytics website designed to increase profitability for participating pharmacies nationwide. Our website possesses many unique features that make it so much more than just a pharmaceutical shopping site.


PharmsaverTM is the home to the unique Reimbursement Alert system which will alert a pharmacy if they risk being reimbursed below cost for any item before they even order said item. Now pharmacies, instead of finding out about losses retrospectively using a negative margin report after claims are adjudicated, can prevent those losses from happening by using our tool for prospective margin analysis.


PharmsaverTM is home to an extremely intuitive shopping function which allows pharmacies to compare pricing against their primary wholesaler orders before they are placed. This allows the pharmacies to find savings without changing the way they order and without increasing the time spent placing their orders. We are affiliated with over 14 different wholesalers across the country that offer competitive and dynamic pricing on pharmaceuticals.


The PharmsaverTM User GPO program provides best market pricing and NDC uniformity. We negotiate with manufacturers to guarantee competitive market pricing on specific drugs.


PharmsaverTM also created Cart Genie to offer additional analytics that include identifying savings from package size substitution; generic manufacturer substitution; and short dated items.  It also includes Optimization which automatically distributes items between wholesalers to meet check out minimums and realize savings.


PharmsaverTM saves participating pharmacies both time and money. Our system is easy to use, powerful, feature rich and simply the best pharmaceutical analytics and ordering service available.

Best of all our service is FREE!

ServRx, Inc.

ServRx™ is more than a first fill solution for processing Workers’ Compensation pharmacy prescriptions; it’s a total solution. With no affiliation to PBMs, ServRx works to keep patients in your pharmacy for the life of the claim. ServRx is a real-time, one BIN solution that is proven and profitable.