Scriptera is here to unlock Independent Pharmacies hidden value in their data. Scriptera and its partnership program was developed to help Independent Pharmacies increase their revenues and identify unique business opportunities for each participating pharmacy.


The problem in today’s market is that your data is already being bought and sold behind the scenes, but independent pharmacies are not seeing any of this value. The Scriptera program will alter this dynamic and collectively enhance Independents’ position in the marketplace. Scriptera is built to bring your pharmacy opportunities that are specific to your business.


Partner with Scriptera to make a change for the better. The mission of Scriptera is to offer a complete no cost program in which all participants will join in a revenue share model never before offered to Independent Pharmacies. It is the goal of Scriptera to make this process as easy as possible for our partners without interrupting their daily work routine. Scriptera aims to take our collective partner network and open up a multitude of new avenues for your business to explore. Let Scriptera do all the work behind the scenes to deliver more insights and revenue opportunities than ever before.

Pharmacy Services Group of America, Inc.

Smart Solutions to Drive Your Pharmacy’s Growth and Revenue, Improve Profitability and Patient Satisfaction.

PSGA, Inc. is a health care performance improvement company that helps community pharmacies incorporate the most innovative solutions to generate revenue streams, improve operational efficiencies, enhance customer service, cut costs, and help engage patients in ways to improve loyalty

BonaRx® – Custom Medication Savings Card

AlereRx® – Telemedicine Solution

RxReach® – Patient Communication System (2-way SMS, MMS, Voice and Fax)

TabulaRx® – Inventory Control & Drug Diversion Software

RxConnexion® – Intelligent Data for Pharmacy


Crocus Medical

Crocus Medical specializes in pharmacy automation tailored to an independent pharmacist’s needs, with a variety of compact and less expensive models.  Offering not only its own proprietary products, but also representing market leading automation from world-wide providers, Crocus medical has a portfolio that can help your pharmacy in several markets. Whether your focus is on community care, long term care or assisted living setting we have a solution for you.  Our products include:


  • A range of pill counters (counter-top, cassette based and free-standing robots)
  • Adherence packaging robots (both cellophane pouch and blister card versions)
  • Software for inventory management
  • LTC Height Adjustable Medication Carts
  • LTC Automated Pill Crushers
  • Patient Rx Self Retrieval Cabinets


Current customers now expect more “one on one” counselling and faster, patient focussed services with respect to their prescriptions and it is important that independent pharmacists continue to build on those existing customer relationships by providing prompt service and ensuring they are available when needed, to keep their clients happy.   Without our automation in place in your dispensary, this goal is more difficult to achieve.  Don’t lose your clients to mail order services, online adherence packaging companies or due to long line ups to drop off or pick up Rxs…call Crocus Medical and find out how we can help you stay competitive in today’s fast paced marketplace.


Are you an independent pharmacy struggling to compete with chains and Big Box stores? Tired of dealing with PBM discount coupons that put you in the red or force you to turn away new patients? Then the Axe Rx Pharmacy Partner Platform (PPP) is the right fit for your store!


The Axe Rx PPP is a free, custom loyalty program designed specifically for independent pharmacies. It allows pharmacies to remain competitive against the larger chains by providing low-cost prescription medications, both existing patients and new ones.


Our pharmacy friendly platform ensures a fair profit every time. In addition to ingredient cost reimbursement and dispensing fees, Axe Rx also pays out a compensation per paid claim, no matter where the prescription is filled. Better yet, the platform helps to strengthen patient compliance and keeps you compliant by no longer having to lower your cash price.


Who is Axe Rx? We are a privately owned and independently operated pharmacy benefit administrator (“PBA”) located in Mount Laurel, New Jersey. We have launched and administered many nationally known direct to consumer pharmacy discount programs, saving consumers millions of dollars year over year. When you join our platform, you will quickly learn that Axe Rx believes no one should overpay for their needed medications. Our goal is to bring transparency to prescription medication pricing and making them as affordable as possible for everyone.


To find out more about our no cost program that can help retain existing and attract new patients, call (800) 727-1973


BetterRX is on a mission to end needless patient suffering caused by medication delays.  To end medication delays in hospice, BetterRX launched the world’s first Connected Rx Platform (CRX) that seamlessly connects pharmacies and hospice providers without the problems of a PBM. For hospices, BetterRX provides a cloud-based end-to-end medication management solution including ePrescribe, and medication tracking from the order through delivery.

For pharmacies, BetterRX connects the hospice medication orders directly to local pharmacies so they can fill orders problem-free and right away, providing critical symptom relief to patients. With BetterRX Medication Tracker™, hospices can always track the medication status from the order through delivery. Pharmacies using BetterRX increase their hospice volume and are reimbursed precisely the amount the hospice was invoiced.

Coming in 2022! BetterRX will introduce the first-ever enterprise Pharmacy Business System™ guaranteed to speed up pharmacy operations and help pharmacies run more profitably. Say hello to us at PDS!

Altium Healthcare

Altium Healthcare, formerly Tri State Distribution, is a U.S. based manufacturer of prescription packaging solutions with over 400,000 square feet of manufacturing space in Tennessee, and regional distribution warehouses in Nevada, Kansas and Pennsylvania.  In addition to vials, bottles, and closures, Altium Healthcare also manufactures labels of all types and applications. With 50+ patents awarded and more pending, Altium Healthcare has the innovation, size, and presence to serve your packaging needs, whatever they may be.

Stop by the Altium Healthcare booth at the 2022 PDS Conference to see our newest, revolutionary solution to prescription packaging, the ProLite® series.  This patented container/closure system is one of the safest, eco-friendly products on the market.

  • The container is available in six sizes, ranging from 16 dram (60cc) to 75 dram (250cc), in amber and red.
  • Made from PET (including post-consumer recycled resin), one of the most recycled plastics on the planet!
  • One size dual purpose reversible cap fits all container sizes (38mm neck)
  • Standard caps (white only) and custom caps with Pillboard® messaging on both sides of the cap available in red, dark blue, light blue, and white.

Combine the ProLite® series with Altium Healthcare’s premium labels for a complete packaging solution!

The name has changed, but our commitment to quality, customer service, and innovation remains the same.

Visit or call 800-392-9824 ext. 6289 for more information today!

Kirby Lester, automation by Capsa Healthcare

Kirby Lester, automation by Capsa Healthcare

Kirby Lester automation is a complete suite of Rx filling technology featuring the updated KL1Plus that is ideal for error-free dispensing, inventory and C-II log; new KL-SR Secure Robot with unique universal cassettes for higher volume pharmacies; and the gold standard KL1 counter for accurate, fast counting and inventory sessions. Plus, for pharmacies also serving senior care, the NexsysADC 4T is a unique automated dispensing cabinet for complete inventory and security of narcotics and 1st doses. Kirby Lester technology drives down Rx filling costs and helps you address more pressing needs like customer care and profit-driving initiatives. Proud to serve community pharmacies for 50 years!

For more, go to

Contact us at 800.437.6633 or

DRX Software

DRX is the first cloud based pharmacy management solution for retail and long term care. Access all of your data from anywhere while using our incredible features like our built in phone system with IVR, text messaging, email, fax, point-of-sale, charge accounts, outbound mailing/shipping, clinical features, and much more all included at no additional charge. Many customers save thousands per year when they switch to DRX. Check out the pharmacy management system that was Built By Pharmacists at!


For sales, please contact:

Daniel Safee

(855) 955-3050

Cypress Software, Inc. RxBLU™

RxBLU™, Cloud Pharmacy Management Solutions by Cypress Software, Inc.


Independent Pharmacy Software created with Independent Pharmacists for Independent Pharmacies.


Our mission is to help you reach your pharmacy goals.  You have the vision; we have the tools and expertise to support and help expand your business.  Let us share the personal service you deserve via our industry-only, Pharmacy Concierge Client Care™.  As your pharmacy software business partner, we work closely alongside you and your staff to achieve success every step of the way.


Our entire Cloud product line is innovative, resilient, reliable, and secure.  We offer proprietary; lightning-fast PMS, VOIP IVR, POS solution with a 100% FREE merchant fee option, MTM, Synchronization, Tele/remote pharmacy, and much more.


Free data conversion from selected legacy systems.  Find out more at


RxBLU™ – Cloud Pharmacy Management Software

tailored to help your pharmacy prosper.

Transaction Data Systems

For over 40 years, TDS has been dedicated to the success of the pharmacy market and pharmacy supply chain. TDS, with its portfolio of products and services including Rx30, Computer-Rx, KloudScript, Pharm Assess, and Enhanced Medication Services, provides innovative technology solutions and pharmacy management systems to the pharmacy industry.


Proudly supporting one of the largest install bases of pharmacies in the industry with systems in all 50 states and the Virgin Islands, TDS is the leading provider of pharmacy focused-patent centric solutions.


Rx30 from TDS is a robust, end-to-end pharmacy management software solution. Rx30 provides an easy-to-learn management platform, point-of-sale software, and central management solution. The Rx30 platform offers:


  • Fully automated e-scripts
  • Dynamic reporting tools
  • Revenue opportunities through clinical solutions
  • More than 80 integration partners


Rx30 helps community pharmacies maximize efficiency, automate prescription processing, grow their business, and better serve their patients.


Computer-Rx from TDS is a complete pharmacy management software solution, easily scalable to fit the demands of any independent pharmacy. Computer-Rx solutions offer:


  • Dynamic reporting tools
  • Easy claim reconciliation
  • Inventory management
  • Innovative clinical solutions
  • Seamless integrations with all major and many regional wholesalers


Computer-Rx enables community pharmacies to grow their business, serve their community, and improve patient outcomes with one central pharmacy system.


For more information about pharmacy software and solutions from TDS, please visit