As the healthcare landscape transitions to value-based care, community pharmacy is primed to play a critical role. PrescribeWellness provides a single software solution designed to empower pharmacy to improve adherence, loyalty, outcomes – and their bottom line – by guiding them to become a healthcare destination. But going #BeyondTheFill requires time and manpower, which is why our VRxAssist service provides virtual assistance so that you can focus and capitalize on additional clinical services that generate revenue. Your VRxConsultant will manage your Sync workflow, Medicare plan reviews, vaccination program, year-round patient engagement strategy, and more, adding up to an average 5-to-1 return.

Cypress Software, Inc. RxBLUTM

RxBLU™, the Cloud Pharmacy Management solution by Cypress Software, Inc. Independent Pharmacy Software created with Independent Pharmacists, for Independent Pharmacy. Our entire Cloud product line includes lighting fast PMS, VOIP IVR and our 100% FREE credit card processing POS solution, remote pharmacy, and much more from a single company. Let us share with you the personal service you deserve via our industry only, Pharmacy Concierge Customer Care?. Our mission is to work alongside you and your staff to achieve success. Free data conversion from selected legacy systems. Find out more at Secure, Connected, Trusted.

FDS, Inc

FDS is a pharmacy software provider dedicated to strengthening the health of pharmacies and their patients. We help our clients build the clinically focused New Era Pharmacy, enabling their business to thrive now and successfully transition to a provider of community and population health with data, technology, and clinical services. More than just a technology company, FDS features a team of pharmacy experts with experience and playbooks developed from work with more than 12,000 pharmacies and partnerships with leading PSAOs. Our clients have improved adherence and care coordination in their communities while achieving significant increases to revenue and profitability.

Chetu Inc.

We are a global IT services partner that can customize a solution such as mobile apps for iOS/android, or a customized dashboard for analytics among many other solutions tailored to our clients needs. We can also help companies inter IT teams with backlogs, or busy work by providing specific skill set developers such as Java, SQL, .Net, HL7, or whatever technology fabric the client utilizes.

Transaction Data Systems

For over forty years, Transaction Data Systems has been solely dedicated to the success of community pharmacy. Our software solutions move beyond traditional pharmacy dispensing software to ensure a total pharmacy solution for all aspects of your business.

Computer-Rx, our Windows-based platform, offers an easy-to-use interface and robust tools for pharmacy management, pharmacy point-of-sale and centralized pharmacy management. This platform is a one-size-fits-all solution, easily scalable to fit the demands of any independent pharmacy. Computer-Rx solutions offer dynamic reporting tools and easy claim reconciliation. Inventory management is made easy with EDI ordering and receiving through seamless integrations with all major wholesalers and dozens of regional wholesalers. Using Computer-Rx, patient care is taken to the next level with innovative, integrated clinical solutions available only to TDS pharmacies.

Rx30, our Linux-based software solution, provides a robust, easy-to-learn management platform, point-of-sale software and central management solution. Rx30 solutions offer multiple applications available to pharmacies and their patients to make managing patient medication regimens easy and interactive. The Rx30 platform offers fully automated e-scripts, revenue opportunities through innovative clinical solutions and 80+ integration partners. Whether your focus is an independent retail pharmacy, small retail chain pharmacy, nursing home, nursing home consulting, compounding, or IV processing, we have all the tools to make your job easier!
We are committed to providing scalable software solutions to help you drive patient outcomes, increase revenue and maximize the success of your business. To learn more or schedule a demonstration, contact Larry Stephenson at or 817.406.0789.

Retail Management Solutions

Founded in 1998 with a mission to help pharmacies understand and use technology-based tools to run a successful business, Retail Management Solutions is now one of the most respected point-of-sale providers in the industry. RMS’ POS systems are created exclusively for pharmacies and tailored to solve the challenges faced by pharmacies today. With customized solutions for any size pharmacy, RMS works to help your pharmacy achieve goals and remove barriers for better patient care. At RMS, we believe that partnership as at the heart of successful pharmacy/vendor relationships. We aim to help customers work with the partners they choose and offer integrations to more than 30 pharmacy systems. You’ll work with the pharmacy system partner of your choice without sacrificing the benefits brought by a robust pharmacy point-of-sale system. RMS offers a range of point-of-sale products that are both flexible and scalable to meet the needs of any pharmacy. While our easy-to-use till application is at the forefront of day to day activities in the pharmacy, we know that running a successful pharmacy goes far beyond collecting a payment. RMS’ industry leading solutions include nutrient depletion notifications, Ecommerce capabilities, emailing of receipts and statements, along with a host of mobile solutions.


QS/1 is the premier pharmacy partner in the ever-changing healthcare marketplace. Created from unrivaled industry experience, our solutions help community, chain, hospital outpatient pharmacies, and HME businesses remain relevant, profitable, proficient, and successful. QS/1 is the only vendor with an integrated suite of products, including POS, IVR, document management, mobile refills, delivery apps, built-in prescription synchronization, and HME documentation.


PioneerRx is the #1 pharmacy software chosen by independent pharmacies. Our software is installed 2x more than any other competitor. Weekly, cutting-edge improvements provide tools that empower pharmacies to evolve with the industry and offer innovative services. PioneerRx also supports seamless integration with connected vendors as well as mobile apps for patient counseling, mobile delivery, patient portals, drive-thru, and mobile inventory.

VUCA Health

VUCA Health has partnered with pharmacy management systems so you can go paperless! MedsOnCue provides patients with digital to information about the specific NDC dispensed. With MedsOnCue, pharmacies can see direct ROI through savings on paper and toner. Patients scan the QR code with any Apple or Google device to receive all information they would usually obtain on paper. Patients can also access a short video about their prescription and even view a high-resolution image of their medication that’s NDC specific.

Liberty Software

Pharmacy software for pharmacy success. Liberty Software’s platform helps pharmacists enhance patient care, improve profitability, and increase patient safety. The current platform is used by independents, chains, specialty, long term care, compounding, 340B, and mail-order pharmacies.