STAT Overnight Delivery

STAT Overnight was created in 2012 exclusively for working in the pharmaceutical delivery space with one primary goal: to provide health services and pharmacies with a superior pharmaceutical shipping experience that both surpassed those of FedEx, UPS, DHL, USPS and other similar less-specialized delivery services, all at a significantly discounted price to the customer.

This narrow and targeted focus has proven more successful than we imagined. In fact, due to the success of this approach, our customers have consistently seen monthly shipping savings between 15% and 40%, while simultaneously enjoying our superior customer care and excellence of service.

Unlike our competition, we strive to position ourselves as a true team member, analyzing your core values, target market, best practices and methodologies in order to effectively fine-tune our service model to match your needs and, further, to be an extension of your own mission statement and promote your message and culture of unbeatable customer service to your customers.

By using delivery strategies and implementing procedures based on the results of extensive analysis, a study of current delivery trends, and the application of solutions specific to your companies unique needs, we are confident in our ability to deliver unmatched service. To name a few of the differences in STAT Overnight Delivery to our other competitors, we offer:

  • Free Refrigeration
  • Texting Notifications to Your Patients
  • Free Tracking for Patients and Pharmacy
  • Pharmacy Software Integrations
  • Live Customer Service
  • Customizable Services


For sales, please contact:

Daegan Blackwood



Rethink what your adherence partner can do for your business.

Medicine-On-Time, a CSS Health Company encompasses end-to-end solutions for complete patient care.  Our partnership includes clinical services, patient management software, innovative compliance packaging, and business development programs. We partner with Retail, Long Term Care, and Specialty pharmacies and provide multi-dose and single dose package variations to serve any market. The combination of products and services in our portfolio have been proven to elevate performance scores, improve patient outcomes, and accelerate growth for pharmacies.

As a Medicine-On-Time pharmacy, you gain access to industry experts who guide you through implementation and give you the confidence you need to create a sustainable adherence program. Give yourself a new perspective and turn your pharmacy into a profitable and thriving business with Medicine-On-Time as your partner.


For sales, please contact:

Tori Pearson

(800) 722-8824 ext. 833

Euclid Medical Products

Euclid® Medical Products is the market leader of unit and multi-dose packaging equipment for all types of pharmacies around the world.  We have been in business for over 50 years.  We have just introduced a new line of next generation multi-dose adherence pouch packaging machines called Axial®.  These next generations machines have a smaller footprint for space constrained pharmacies, RFID “Smart” canister technology, quiet operation, easy to clean, built-in dehumidifier and scaleable technology including pouch inspection.  Most pharmacies can show a positive ROI in the first year.  We have an ROI calculator and can run your pharmacy specific numbers.

RX Systems, Inc.

Rx Systems, Inc. is a family-owned full-service provider of pharmacy packaging and supplies including Rx labels, bags, vials, LTC and compliance packaging. Customize any or all of these products to build your brand. We serve a broad spectrum of pharmacy markets, including community and institutional.

Pharmacy Automation Supplies & Centor

Centor and Pharmacy Automation Supplies (PAS) offer comprehensive supply solutions for pharmacies. The world’s largest manufacturer of regulatory compliant prescription containers meeting USP and CPSC regulations. We are the preferred manufacturer for robotic pharmacy automation. PAS offers all packaging outside of the vial, including labels, unit, and multi-dose compliance blister cards and pillboxes for pouch packagers.

Pharmacy-Lite Packaging

Pharmacy-Lite Prescription Packaging is family-owned/operated and only services Independent Pharmacies. We “simply make pharmacy more efficient” with 7 Vials and One Cap! We offer the only One Cap, Dual Purpose (used for both Solids/Liquids) and Bio-Degradable vial in the industry. We have seven distribution centers across the United States, offering Free Shipping, No Minimums, and Next Day Service to most customers. Also, we can provide a Custom Imprint on your caps at no additional charge.

Dose Logix

DoseLogix | Topi-CLICK

Topi-CLICK® by DoseLogix designs and manufacturers metered-dosing applicators for human and veterinary patients that are accurate, innovative and easy-to-use; which is the focus of every product design including the NEW Topi-CLICK® Micro? and the Perl® Vaginal Dosing Method.
Topi-CLICK® was proven to be the most accurate topical dosing dispenser among those tested in an independent study. Stop by our booth at PDS 2020 for a FREE sample kit and a copy of the ARL PEER REVIEWED EVIDENCE. You can also request samples and the study at Visit or call 877.870.8448 to learn more about our products.