RX Systems, Inc.

Rx Systems, Inc. is a family-owned full-service provider of pharmacy packaging and supplies including Rx labels, bags, vials, LTC and compliance packaging. Customize any or all of these products to build your brand. We serve a broad spectrum of pharmacy markets, including community and institutional.

Pharmacy Automation Supplies

Pharmacy Automation Supplies (PAS) is a leading provider of consumable packaging supplies that help pharmacies increase productivity, efficiency, and reduce expenses. Offering prescription labels, labels for vial filling robots, bags, unit & multi dose blister cards, Pill Boxes, and toner cartridges nationwide, we understand that our products are counted on every day in your pharmacy. Over the last 100 years in business, PAS has grown to be one of the most counted on manufacturers in the industry and this reputation is a direct result of our dependable quality, reliable turn time and industry leading pricing.


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Pharmacy-Lite Packaging

Est. 1991

Pharmacy-Lite manufactures streamlined vial systems, which are “…simply more efficient.” That brand promise also extends from our service model of efficient delivery from seven regional warehouses to our guarantee of customer satisfaction. For over 30 years, our goal has been to deliver proactive solutions exclusively to the independent pharmacy.


As a family-owned U.S. manufacturer, Pharmacy-Lite designs innovative packaging with fewer SKUs and configurable options. Our Simple & Safe 2 Cap System is automation compatible and offers child-resistant, reversible, and easy-open twist caps. Our EZ One Vial System combines the need for dry and liquid vials into one convenient solution; one cap fits all sizes.

Dose Logix

Topi-CLICK | Team Technologies

Topi-CLICK®, the industry leader in metered dosing applicators for human and veterinary patients, offers a wide range of pharmaceutical delivery devices to support its flagship brand, Topi-CLICK® 35.


Unrelenting in pursuing new technologies and innovation, TEAM Technologies’ Topi-CLICK® brand has created leading-edge advancements in dosing applicators. This year we’re excited to introduce the Troche-CLICK™, an innovative way to dose troche lozenges.


We’ve continuously set new standards with our accurate and easy-to-use devices.

The Topi-CLICK Perl® Vaginal Dosing Kit was featured in an accuracy study evaluation in the nationally acclaimed American Journal of Internal Medicine. And Topi-CLICK Micro® offers a revolutionary method for micro-dosing humans and pets and is being adopted at an even more rapid rate than Topi-CLICK® 35 and Topi-CLICK Perl®. Patients, doctors and compounding pharmacists have shown their appreciation with enthusiastic, word-of-mouth endorsements.

Topi-CLICK® provides a consistent dose from start to finish and is the most accurate dispenser among those tested in independent studies¹.  The combination of an easy metering system for topical medications with an integrated applicator pad assures 100% of the medication is applied to the prescribed area. The built-in applicator pad eliminates the non-compliant procedure of rubbing topical medications onto treatment areas with hands which may waste some of the medication when washed off or lead to cross-contamination of unintended areas. Visit https://topi-click.com/, call 877.870.8448 or email info.TopiCLICK@teamtech.com to request FREE samples and copies of the Analytical Research Laboratories’ accuracy studies¹.

Learn more about Topi-CLICK® at https://youtu.be/xMnsd2XhHCg.