Plant Therapy

Plant Therapy provides household products and essentials made with natural and clean ingredients. Family-owned and operated, we were founded in 2011 in Twin Falls, Idaho with the mission of providing trustworthy essential oils and truly exceptional customer service. Since then, we’ve expanded our offerings to include body care, organics, CBD, household items, and aromatherapy product education. We’ve also leveraged our rapid organizational growth to create a philanthropy program called Planting Kindness, where we give back to communities locally and globally. For more information about our values and products, visit

Anodyne logo


In a far too stagnant market of comfort-based footwear, we’re bringing an unparalleled collection of therapeutic and refined footwear.  At Anodyne, we’ve avoided the commercial vision of quick and easy comfort.  Instead, we’ve returned to the fundamental roots of footwear – meticulous design, quality craftsmanship, and rigorous attention to detail.  We’re reinventing the paradigm in comfort, and we want you to experience it firsthand!

Omne Diem

We’re Diem Direct. As in carpe diem. Seize the day. Diem Direct delivers dietary supplements, simplified.


Diem Direct is a new kind of company for a new kind of healthcare. With a multi-channel approach in unique market positions, Diem is advancing integrative wellness strategies by providing consumers, retailers and practitioners with innovative dietary supplements that address under-served and emerging needs.


Founded by an international team of industry veterans in cooperation with European nutraceutical producers and developers, Diem is deeply committed to scientific validation, consumer education, and product innovation. With multiple studies underway and a full new product pipeline, Diem is poised to supply retailers and distributors with unique products that fulfill under-served needs in emerging categories. From food intolerance and digestive health to Brain Support with Cerenx®, Metabolic Support with Adiposano®, Joint Comfort with Zoara®, and our innovative pH Modification line in partnership with Devicare/Lit-Control®, the Omne Diem brand offers customers of all ages unique and effective dietary supplements to seize every day.


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Lyranda By Linpharma

Triple-action Lyranda® cold sore chewables: antiviral, immune support and wound care benefits without the mess of traditional applications. Easy and hygienic, Lyranda® chewables can be used alone or as an add-on to stop cold sores and shorten episodes often triggered by stress and sun exposure.


Relief for cold sore sufferers, revenue for community pharmacists. There are more than 3 million U.S. cases of cold sores each year. And for nearly a decade, Lyranda’s patented delivery system (chewables) has earned this dietary supplement an outstanding reputation for healing and helping prevent cold sores. Lyranda® has also built a strong track record for helping community pharmacies increase front-end revenue, margins and profitability.


A supplement pharmacists can trust. Lyranda® is distributed by U.S.-based Linpharma, Inc. and manufactured in Germany by affiliates who have used science-based ingredients and patented extraction and delivery systems to produce quality supplements for more than half a century. These products and ingredients are backed by in vivo studies published in mainstream medical journals throughout the global research community.


A strong partner for pharmacies. In addition to Lyranda® cold sore management, Linpharma offers top-quality supplements for migraines, weight management and sleep. Ask how our full line of revenue-building products can help improve your pharmacy’s bottom line.

Bluebonnet Nutrition Corporation

Bluebonnet Nutrition is a leading supplement manufacturer delivering award-winning, premium dietary supplements for every age, gender, life stage and lifestyle, sold exclusively to independent pharmacies and health food stores. Bluebonnet works directly with growers, farmers and suppliers to ensure your customers will get the best ingredients possible and combine them with the latest in nutritional sciences to create the perfect formulas. Our supplements are meticulously manufactured in our cGMP, NSF and Kosher certified facility to maintain authenticity, purity and potency and to ensure all formulas live up to label claim each undergoes rigorous testing and verification in our new ISO accredited laboratories. At Bluebonnet we have made it our mission to ensure all people get what they need to live their best life because Bluebonnet and you are…best together.


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Pat Hessler



Kapsulations is a line of quality supplements specializing in Gut Health and Probiotics. Kapsulations was founded to offer patients quality products at an affordable price. All of our supplements are manufactured in the USA at an FDA approved Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certified facility. Our products are available exclusively to Independent Pharmacies in convenient bundles. Each option includes a mini-cooler and a variety of products.


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Chris Schiller


Enzyme Science

Enzyme Science™ represents exceptional solutions for digestive health and wellness.  In addition, we offer unique enzyme blends formulated with vital nutraceuticals to support various health functions including cardiovascular, immune, and joint support.* All materials used in production are from the most premium, high quality sources available.  Enzyme Science™ spares no expense to make natural solutions that never contain binders, artificial fillers, or flow agents.  This guarantees the purest supplements available that inspire confidence in their safety and effectiveness.

Boost Oxygen

Boost Oxygen is the global leader in portable supplemental oxygen canisters. Boost Oxygen provides 95% pure supplemental oxygen for all-natural respiratory support. No prescription is needed. It is used by athletes for recovery, older adults for an active lifestyle, people at high altitudes for altitude acclimation and those experiencing poor air quality. Boost Oxygen canisters are lightweight, easy-to-use and completely recyclable. Did you know the air we breathe contains only 21% oxygen – the majority is 78% nitrogen. Boost provides nearly 5X the pure oxygen you get from normal air. Boost Oxygen provides easy and immediate access to supplemental oxygen.


  • Boost Oxygen is a Made In The USA product, with manufacturing facilities in Connecticut and Maryland.
  • In 2019, Boost Oxygen appeared on the hit ABC show “Shark Tank” and agreed to a deal with Mr. Wonderful Kevin O’Leary.
  • Boost Oxygen is available worldwide in nearly 50 countries. In the United States, Boost Oxygen is available at 1000s of hometown pharmacies, as well as major retailers like Walgreens, CVS, Food Lion, Harris Teeter, Albertsons and Safeway.
  • To learn more about Boost Oxygen, visit our website at or our Learning Center at


Langermania is a resource for independent pharmacies nationally. We supply a wide range of specialty products not found in drug wholesalers or chain stores. Thousands of pharmacies rely on us for more than just great trending products. Most importantly, we offer suggestions on marketing and merchandising. While you deal with the important tasks of prescriptions and assisting customers with there health needs, we are sourcing the trade shows for the best retail items. We spend a lot of time in picking our items, so we both can have products that retail. We get to see which items are really retailing based on sales from the thousands of stores we assist. Our catalog ranges from your pharmacy necessities to amazing phone accessories that every store needs, all the way to nostalgic candies, kids games, and a lot in between. Our phone selection has grown ten fold since we introduced it, every customer that comes in has a phone and needs accessories, and sales have proven they will buy those items from pharmacies all over, big or small. Our new Snak Club line will be a hit for any store as well, especially if you have increased waiters or near by doctors offices. We have a little bit of everything, with experience in the pharmacy world for over 30 years, let us be a resource for you!

Medterra CBD

Certified, trusted, and easy-to-use top-selling CBD products.

Medterra Marketing LLC. offers three distinct CBD brands: Medterra, attracting consumers seeking general health & wellbeing, Vena for skincare wellness solutions and Five, recreational and lifestyle THC brand.


Medterra’s mission is to help people live life to the fullest. Started in 2017 by a group of individuals passionate about the power of CBD products, Medterra has become one of the top CBD companies in the world by launching products that allow people to overcome the challenges of a fast-paced modern lifestyle. With safety and consistency at the forefront of everything we do, every product is third-party tested to ensure consistency and quality.  We believe CBD should be accessible and affordable to people who need it the most—now and for years to come.

  • Made in America
  • Non-GMO
  • US Hemp Authority Certified
  • Third Party Tested

For more brand information, visit, and

For sales, please contact:

Dan Taylor