Bluebonnet Nutrition Corporation

Bluebonnet Nutrition is a leading supplement manufacturer delivering award-winning, premium dietary supplements for every age, gender, life stage and lifestyle, sold exclusively to independent pharmacies and health food stores. Bluebonnet works directly with growers, farmers and suppliers to ensure your customers will get the best ingredients possible and combine them with the latest in nutritional sciences to create the perfect formulas. Our supplements are meticulously manufactured in our cGMP, NSF and Kosher certified facility to maintain authenticity, purity and potency and to ensure all formulas live up to label claim each undergoes rigorous testing and verification in our new ISO accredited laboratories. At Bluebonnet we have made it our mission to ensure all people get what they need to live their best life because Bluebonnet and you are…best together.


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Pat Hessler



Kapsulations is a line of quality supplements specializing in Gut Health and Probiotics. Kapsulations was founded to offer patients quality products at an affordable price. All of our supplements are manufactured in the USA at an FDA approved Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certified facility. Our products are available exclusively to Independent Pharmacies in convenient bundles. Each option includes a mini-cooler and a variety of products.


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Chris Schiller


Dava Naturals powered by LKN Extractions

Dava Naturals, powered by LKN Extractions, brings the professional care and expertise of pharmacists and the knowledge and experience of chemists to provide the highest quality, most effective form of CBD to your patients.

All of our products are locally grown in the USA and manufactured in North Carolina by LKN Extractions.  Our hemp extract is full-spectrum, third party tested and verified, and extracted from hemp grown with organic practices. We exist to provide transparency and legitimacy to an unregulated industry. Our products are guaranteed to be safe and effective, and are beneficial for all adults.

We wanted to create a product exclusive to independent pharmacies like yours. You won’t find Dava Naturals online or available direct to consumer. This brand was created with the utmost integrity and backed by clean products from the start. You can have complete confidence recommending our products to your patients. Even patients who aren’t aware of their need to use CBD as a health supplement find that Dava products improve their overall wellbeing.


  • Therapeutic Grade Quality
  • Trustworthy + Transparent
  • Full Spectrum
  • Grown With Organic Practices
  • Extracted by Scientists



Phone: (704) 870-2019

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Ortho Molecular Products

Ortho Molecular Products is a professional dietary supplement manufacturer and sells exclusively to licensed health care practitioners and independent pharmacists. We’ve manufactured high-quality, evidence-based dietary supplements for over 30 years, and we have so much more to offer in the independent pharmacy space. We have developed a suite of programs designed to help the independent pharmacy thrive. In addition, a team of knowledgeable Account Executives located nationwide are available to educate pharmacy staff members and help independent pharmacies implement programs to enhance front-end sales and promote patient wellness.

Visit our website and see how successful independent pharmacies have joined forces with Ortho Molecular Products to enhance patient care and increase front-end sales.

Ortho Molecular Products:

Customer Service: 800-332-2351


For sales, please contact:

Harry Jablonski, PharmD

(815) 206-6566

Solutions Rx

Solutions Rx is a pharmaceutical grade vitamin, enzyme, probiotic, and natural product line. We provide specific bag stuffers, marketing manual, and training videos on our products to independent pharmacies. It is our goal to offer a turn-key process with the tools it takes to train each pharmacy about our products. We have our specially designed end cap display, completed with our line of 17 new products launched in 2016. Our product line includes our Restore drug nutrient depletion line in diabetes, high blood pressure, birth control, hormone, and cholesterol, probiotics, digestion, leg cramp, bone, joint, sleep, prostate, detox, memory, Omega 3, men’s and women’s multivitamins. We have teamed up with Amplicare to integrate our products into their systems to help independent pharmacies to identify drug nutrient depletion during workflow.

The program will give you pop up suggestions for the Restore and Superior products within our line of vitamins and supplements. We together can help keep your patients healthy and trusting you as the expert in healthcare. Solutions Rx is owned by an independent pharmacist, who knows all too well how hard it is to make a profit in today’s market. With audits and DIR fees taking back what little you have made, making the struggle real to stay open. With our Up-Solution techniques you can put cash in the register that is yours to help keep the lights on. Solutions Rx is here to help you keep your competitive edge.


At Oceanblue, we create omega-3 supplements … not run-of-the-mill fish oil supplements. What’s the difference?

Purity: More benefits.  Less fat.

Potency: What you need in fewer softgels.

3T’s of Oceanblue: Transparency, Traceability, and Technology.


For sales, please contact:

Doug Persichitte

(561) 631-9873

Boost Oxygen

Boost Oxygen is portable, convenient and affordable 95% Pure Oxygen for all-natural respiratory support. Demand for portable Oxygen has never been stronger. Did you know the air we breathe contains only 21% Oxygen – the majority is useless 78% Nitrogen. Our body needs Oxygen to create energy.

Boost Oxygen is used by athletes for recovery and performance, seniors with shortness of breath, at high-altitude where there is less Oxygen and many more for general health and wellness. Founded in 2007, Boost Oxygen makes access to supplemental Oxygen immediate to anyone, anytime, anywhere. You can depend on the quality of our product. Help is Here!


For sales, please contact:

Alberto Mascaro


Advanced Orthopaedics, Inc.

For over 25 years, we have been the trusted name in orthopedic soft goods. Today, we continue to lead the market with extraordinary products, engineered for superior performance. With Advanced Orthopaedics you can begin A NEW DAY OF HEALING™.

Advanced Orthopaedics partners directly with your pharmacy and we provide you with the best looking retail boxes in the industry. As an experienced soft goods manufacturer, we have an in-depth understanding of the evolving market place and the specific needs and goals of our B2B partners.

We cultivate our business relationships through custom solutions tailored to the client’s business model. Our solutions include flexible terms, tier pricing, private labeling programs, retail packaging and display, inventory management, and several shipping options.
Advanced Orthopaedics’ product line offers a new level of detail in design, form, function and fit using advance materials and today’s best technologies. As a result, our braces and supports are stronger, lighter and more durable than any traditional product offered today. Our focus is on extraordinary quality and high performance products that achieve results. We are confident that Advanced Orthopaedics will exceed your expectations. We strive to maintain your business by providing high performance products with exceptional customer service and on-time delivery, all at competitive prices.

Zanfel Laboratories, Inc.

Zanfel Poison Ivy Wash is the only product clinically shown to remove the plant’s toxin, urushiol, ANYTIME after outbreak of the rash.  Zanfel also provides relief from itching in 30 seconds.  Sale of Zanfel can yield at least a 45% GROSS PROFIT.

Zanfel is a safer, more effective option than the steroids or antihistamines, which are commonly prescribed for poison ivy, oak, and sumac.  Zanfel can be applied on any external body area, including the face and genitals, and is safe for use by children and pregnant or nursing women. There are no known side effects. Zanfel is available through chain and independent pharmacies.

Please contact us at 800-401-4002, e-mail or visit for sales and product information.

Pure Encapsulations

Good starts with nutritional supplements you can trust. That’s why Pure Encapsulations starts with pure ingredients backed by verifiable science to create our line of nutritional supplements that are scientifically tested to ensure the highest quality standards. Our products are FREE-FROM GMOs, unnecessary additives, artificial colors, flavors and sweeteners and common allergens, including gluten, wheat, egg, and peanuts and are designed to help your customers achieve the healthiest version of themselves. From our comprehensive line of supplements, to the science of genomics, our commitment to a sustainable future, and support for charitable organizations dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for people around the world, there’s goodness at our core. For everything your patients need and nothing they don’t, that’s goodness encapsulated.


Contact information:

Customer Service- 800-753-2277