VMC Pharmacy Program and Buying Group

The VMC Pharmacy Program enables retailer pharmacies to improve their positions in a competitive marketplace with an extensive offering of exceptional services and comprehensive programs. Our team shares the tools and experience to help you with your current pharmacy, open a new pharmacy or buy an existing pharmacy.
VMC Pharmacy Members gain the collective buying power of over 500 million dollars in aggregated purchases that result in low cost of goods and improved contracting leverage.
We have the tools to help your pharmacy succeed:
• Independent Pharmacy Advocates
• Over $43,822,731 in Rebates Returned to VMC Retailer Pharmacies Annually
• NO Generic Compliance Ratio’s (GCRs)
• Preferred Vendor Discounts
• Dedicated Support Staff
• Industry Trend Information
• Customized Reporting and Analysis
Our pharmacy team has over 95 years of industry experience to help you succeed and thrive in a competitive landscape.

Flash Returns

No pharmacy owner can ignore their expiring pharmaceuticals, it would be just as costly to not shop around for the best price on key inventory. Being an expert at every manufacturer’s policy is beyond any store or chain. Let us, as the preferred PDS reverse distribution company serve you with our PDS exclusive low rates, waived destruction fees, waived shipping, and live help available with one of our staff. Try getting the average reverse distributor on the phone, it can be nearly impossible! Independent pharmacy is why we were created: by pharmacist and industry partners tired of getting nowhere with the phone tree run around and confusing credit statements. Our sign up is the easiest, and returns process is the best since it was designed with the least clicks and workflow stopping issues. With all the new track and trace requirements, inventory audits, and increasingly complex regulations around destruction you can’t afford to ignore this part of the business, and likely don’t have time to devote staff to it. Have a technician watch our training video today and turn your expired goods into credit now. By the time they watch, sign up, and do a return, likely 20-30 minutes will have them feeling oriented to our process.

GeriMed, Inc.

Founded in 1983 as the first LTC pharmacy GPO, GeriMed has been pioneering solutions for nearly 40 years aimed at positioning closed-door and retail ‘combo’ independent community pharmacies servicing the long-term care (LTC) population to thrive through the ever-changing contractual, economic and regulatory demands of our industry.


While operating as a full-service GPO to closed-door pharmacies, GeriMed’s LTC PSAO Network has garnered national attention with their unique ComboMed™ program, the first of its kind to offer a long-awaited solution to retail pharmacies seeking new revenue streams. You may be a retail ‘combo’ independent pharmacy if you operate under a retail designation while also providing services to patients in various LTC care settings, some of which include Assisted Living Facilities, Group Homes, Skilled Nursing Facilities, even patients in the vastly-growing ‘Medical at Home’ level of care population.


Qualified pharmacies can experience higher reimbursement rates, zero DIR fees on Med D LTC claims, no per-claim transaction fees, and a lower pharma cost of goods (in addition to your existing supplier agreement discount), all under your retail licensure and operating space. ComboMed™ is a game changer for ‘combos’ looking to either growth and remain competitive in the retail space or potentially transition into a closed-door model in the future.


Closed-door pharmacy still remains GeriMed’s most recognized area of expertise and growing book of business, making up the majority of our customer base and national footprint. We invite you to challenge your existing network reimbursement through our complimentary, zero-commitment profitability analysis. info@gerimedgso.com | 1-800-456-4374


PDS Member Special: Free Consultation

River City Pharma

River City Pharma is a national drug distributor specializing in saving time and money for independent, chain, and specialty pharmacies as well as LTCs and mail-order pharmacies. We began in 2012, guided by an intense focus on unparalleled customer service and unbeatable prices.While River City’s first commitment is always to low prices and personalized service, that doesn’t mean we rest on those laurels. In this year alone, we’ve expanded our catalog to over 10,000 products, added a new distribution center for fulfillment (with more coming), and are launching a state-of-the-art online ordering system before the end of the year.We do this because we love making things easy for our customers. That’s why we accept all major credit cards, checks, and EFT/ACH. It’s why we offer up to 45-day bill pay with Net 10/EOM terms, giving you more time to collect receivables before your own bill is due. If that wasn’t enough, new customers can register and order the same day, all while saving 1% online. We also offer even deeper discounts for corporate customers who prefer to buy in bulk. At River City Pharma, we don’t like surprises. That’s why we stay up to date on market conditions and give every customer a dedicated Account Manager who knows the ins and outs of the industry. With a better catalog, bigger network, and incredible savings – River City is the perfect partner to complement your primary distributor. Call us today at (866) 345-3171 or visit RiverCityRx.com!

Anda, Inc

Anda is a leading pharmaceutical distributor within the healthcare supply chain, providing nationwide service to all 50 states.  We offer unique Primary and Secondary Distribution Solutions that can be customized to align with your business strategies and meet the needs of your patients.

Our product portfolio and programs have been developed to provide cost-effective sourcing solutions for traditional prescription fulfillment and to support revenue growth programs such as Pet Meds, Pharmacy Vaccine & Immunization Services, Diabetes Care and Point-of-Care Testing.

Our customers rely on us to help minimize inventory disruptions due to sub-optimal wholesaler service levels, inconsistent product supply, emergency orders/critical fulfillments, and for Buying Group relationship and contract management.

Orders are processed and shipped 6 days a week, we provide next day delivery, low minimums, and operate under extended ordering hours so our customers can have the increased flexibility and enhanced access to the products they need.

Our product portfolio includes over 15,000 items across all forms and therapeutic categories from nearly 400 manufacturers.

  • Brand, Generic and Specialty Pharmaceuticals
  • Vaccines and Injectables
  • Diagnostic Tests and Medical Supplies
  • Pet Meds
  • OTCs and Vitamins

What you need, when you need.

Make Anda part of your Distribution Solution.

1-800-331-ANDA (2632) | www.andanet.com