CMPD Licensing, LLC

CMPD Licensing, LLC holds over 30 issued US Patents with dozens of new patents in its pipeline.  CMPD believes that every pharmacy in the United States has patients that it serves that could benefit from approaches or medications covered under one or more of CMPD’s issued or pending patents.


These patents cover various approaches or medications, both compounded and non-compounded, often prescribed to treat various patient situations.  Licensed pharmacies not only receive a license to dispense patented approaches or medicines but also receive education on how to position the same in an appropriate clinical manner.


Higher level licensees may also be granted exclusive access to an OTC-Cosmetic, BASSA-GEL™.  To learn more about BASSA-GEL™, please go to


If your goal is to operate a pharmacy that is focused on ethical-strength, clinical-strength and fiscal-strength, we’d love to talk more. To schedule a time to talk with one of our team, please go to, click GET STARTED at the bottom of the page, fill in your information, and we’ll get in contact with you.



PCCA supports the creation of personalized medicine that makes a difference in patients’ lives. We empower compounding pharmacies with:

  • The industry’s most complete resource for clinical drug information and laboratory-validated personalized medicine formulations with:
    • Instant online access to 9,000+ formulas, including 160+ that have undergone rigorous stability testing to extend their beyond-use dates
    • More than 20 clinical compounding pharmacists with centuries of combined experience available 24/7 to help with formulation challenges and provide clinical recommendations
  • Innovative, scientifically studied products – including advanced technology bases which optimize the delivery of active ingredients in various dosage forms and chemicals that meet The PCCA Standardabove and beyond industry requirements


We offer the industry’s largest selection of ACPE-accredited training and continuing education opportunities every year, including everything from lab fundamentals to advanced clinical information.


Our cloud-based pharmacy management software can maximize staff efficiency and enhance workflow while improving patient care. And our unique line of nutritional supplements developed by pharmacists for pharmacies can help you build a profitable, custom-labeled supplement business.


From industry-defining base technology and marketing resources to formulations and clinical support to advocacy outreach on Capitol Hill — PCCA is your partner for growing a successful compounding practice.


Join PCCA’s global compounding network of 3,600+ member pharmacies making a difference with customized medicine at


To hear more about PCCA from some of their members, watch this video