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In a far too stagnant market of comfort-based footwear, we’re bringing an unparalleled collection of therapeutic and refined footwear.  At Anodyne, we’ve avoided the commercial vision of quick and easy comfort.  Instead, we’ve returned to the fundamental roots of footwear – meticulous design, quality craftsmanship, and rigorous attention to detail.  We’re reinventing the paradigm in comfort, and we want you to experience it firsthand!

Pedifix Footcare

Footcare sells! PediFix provides medical grade footcare products recognized and recommended by foot specialists everywhere. Exclusive PediFix® Medical Footcare Products will help your customers end foot pain, boost your referrals from HCPs, along with grow your cash sales and profits. Unique, ‘doctor quality’ products – once only available from physicians, now can be sold in your store. Now in attractive, informative, self-service OTC packaging & displays.

With PediFix, you modernize this ‘core’ category, and distinguish your store from chains. Become a hero to your customers as you help them relieve foot pain, solve foot problems, live comfortably, and stay active. Be the footcare, and medical supplies leader in your community. Contact us at or 800-356-8185.

• 256 unique, professional-quality products customers can’t find elsewhere
• 10 different displays, stock, and custom planograms to fit your needs
• Extensive in-store marketing and staff education tools
• Physician referral system generates new customers and referral sources
• Online store locator directs interested customers to your location
• Unique, descriptive, self-service packaging attracts and informs
• Exclusive ‘Timeless Guaranteed Sale’ policy – if they don’t sell, or generate referrals, return for a full refund. You risk nothing when you test PediFix in your store. Selling well in pharmacies just like yours.

In past years, we made many new contacts that were seeking ways to differentiate their store’s footcare section from what is found in chains and planograms prescribed by their wholesalers. Visit our booth to learn more and see our various retail displays and planograms designed to fit your store’s needs.

Physician 360

Physician 360 provides telemedicine consultations with board-certified, state-specific physicians that include prescriptions for medications and/or devices, when indicated as part of the treatment plan. Telemedicine consultations allow Physician 360 patients to get quick, affordable, and convenient service using only their smartphone.
Physician 360 empowers independent pharmacies by providing the tools to complete with large chains that have on-site clinics, attract new patients, play an expanded role in patient care, and creates another touch point with patients as an urgent care alternative.
Physician 360 currently treats the following conditions: strep throat, flu, urinary tract infections, anemia, birth control, and erectile dysfunction.


Looking for an innovative way to market your pharmacy and grow your business? FLAVORx helps you do both. Pharmacies with FLAVORx are attracting new customers and growing their pediatric and veterinary prescription volume by customizing the taste of medicine. We provide you with all the tools you need to let customers choose the taste of their children’s or pet’s medicine and market this valuable service to parents and pet owners. Our database of flavoring recipes makes it easy for pharmacy staff to create custom recipes for thousands of NDCs. Each FLAVORx system also comes with both in-store and digital marketing materials to help your pharmacy advertise their flavoring service and make flavoring fun and interactive for families. Taking medicine doesn’t have to be stressful for patients now that your pharmacy has a way to help!


In addition to helping you solve medicine-time stress for patients, FLAVORx also aims to make preparing liquid prescriptions more efficient for staff behind the pharmacy counter. With the new FLAVORx Auto, reconstitution and flavoring are now automated, letting you spend less time dispensing and more time taking care of customers. Preparing a liquid prescription with a patient’s favorite flavor is as easy as scanning the medication’s barcode and pressing a button – the Auto reduces the time needed for this once tedious task to seconds.

To learn more about how FLAVORx fits within your pharmacy, visit or contact, Kevin Etter, Director of Independent Accounts at

Happier At Home

Happier At Home: The Right Business at the Right Time to Increase Revenue


In these uncertain times, the most vulnerable of our communities are actively looking for options to remain safely in their homes.  Home care is the 4th fastest growing industry in the nation. Baby boomers are turning 65 at a rate of 8,000 people per day.  The number of older Americans is growing rapidly, driving the market for senior care.


Happier At Home is a niche private pay business providing non-medical home care, geriatric care advocacy, and a medication management system; essentially 3 businesses in one franchise.  Expanding into home-based services that are private pay is a strategy to achieve this. Innovation and growth will help community pharmacies to continue to exist and thrive in the future. Happier At Home’s business model is proven to function smoothly hand-in-hand with independent pharmacies.  Becoming an owner of a Happier At Home franchise will compliment your pharmacy and allow your company to develop and grow private pay sources of revenue, avoiding issues that come along with billing health insurances; establish your company as an authority in senior care and the “one stop shop” in your community; provide a feeder of referrals to your pharmacy, DME, immunizations and other programs; and increase medication compliance.


We are unique & afford your company the ability to stand out among the competition with: 1) Marketing materials that portray excellent branding & quality 2) The use of the memorable and nationally trademarked name of Happier At Home 3) The benefit of private pay sources of revenue 4) an extensive social media marketing and search engine optimization program to include content development on your Happier At Home Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram & Twitter  5) Fully developed web site and marketing materials 6) Training and continued support 24/7.