Sykes & Company, P.A.

Sykes & Company, P.A. helps independent pharmacies grow and thrive. After serving independent pharmacies for over 35 years, we understand how your business operates. Our expertise working with pharmacies across the country, with clients of Pharmacy Development Services (PDS), members of the National Community Pharmacy Association (NCPA) and other pharmacy experts and advisors enables us to understand exactly how to maximize your profitability. We are involved in every aspect of pharmacy operations. We understand pharmacy accounting fundamentals as well as the tax and business advisory needs of pharmacies and their owners. We offer pharmacy business advisory services, Controllership/virtual CFO services, tax compliance, tax planning, pharmacy transition and pharmacy start-ups. Our cutting-edge cloud-based technology gives owners accurate, timely, on-demand information and provides peace of mind. Let us help you and your pharmacy with our industry expertise, responsive communication and proactive service so you can focus on growing your pharmacy and taking care of your patients. Learn about how Sykes & Company, P.A. works with independent pharmacy owners at


Paying too much in taxes? Most pharmacy owners are. And it’s all because they don’t know how to leverage the tax law to create wealth. WealthAbility® specializes in equipping pharmacy owners with the team and the strategy they need to turn their tax burden into a cash machine. Together we can legally reduce your taxes by 10-40% or more. Together we can watch your pharmacy do what it was designed to do…help a lot of people and make you very wealthy.

Wegner CPAs

Wegner CPAs is about people, our clients, our employees, our community. Our professionals guide individuals, businesses and nonprofits with personal service, education, and knowledge. “Guiding You. Beyond the Numbers.” is the number one reason we come to work each day. We care about doing what is right for our clients and community. We pride ourselves on the same things you do, quality, reliability, and integrity. We focus on fostering true partnerships and applying our relationship-based approach to keep you competitive in your ever-changing marketplace. To learn more please visit our website at or contact our pharmacy experts, Pete Oettinger, and Scott Thompson,


Nothing is more valuable than the health of a community. We understand that when pharmacies and healthcare providers come together, the community is strengthened. Secure340B aligns with these partnerships to facilitate 340B Program membership, ensuring programs run smoothly and effectively.

Electronic Billing Services, Inc.

Your solution for Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance billing! Established in September 1994, Electronic Billing Services, Inc is a leading national DME (Durable Medical Equipment) & POS (Prosthetic, Orthotic, and Supplies) Billing & Consulting company.