Jumpstart your 2021

Join Us for Two ‘Can’t-Miss’ Events February 11 & May 20-22, 2021

PDS is kicking off 2021 by gathering industry leaders and forward thinkers to showcase solutions to the most pressing industry challenges. Get the opportunities YOU and your pharmacy need to achieve sustainable growth in the coming year.

Turning uncertainty into opportunity might feel like a stretch, but you’re not alone in what your pharmacy is going through, and that is where we come in. This is your community. PDS’ Innovate in a Day event is where you can confidently connect with pharmacy owners and experts who know what is working right now to gain momentum. 

Two Attendees, Two Events for $1,950
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Our Agenda

This will be updated as we get closer to our February Event!

  • Virtual Exhibit Hall Opens 8:00 AM ET

    Find products and services that will drive meaningful change in your pharmacy business.

  • Futureproof Finances: Response & Recovery in 2021

    In the wake of COVID-19we’re all facing economic uncertainty. Yet, our industry has consistently proven that we can rise to the challenge. Start your year with a strong understanding of your pharmacy’s financials. PDS and Wealthability CEO, Tom Wheelwright, are teaming up to walk attendees through:     

    • Navigating the Latest Updates to the CARES Act  
    • Identifying Next Steps for PPP Loans  
    • Tax Implications for Repayment & Forgiveness  

    Make sure you have your finger on the pulse of what’s next. Join the discussion, gain clarity, and set your path forward for 2021.   

  • Gross Profit: Unlock Your Pharmacy’s Profitability

    To say that pharmacy owners feel the pressure from all sides is an understatement; reimbursements decrease while the cost of goods (COGS) increase. We’re dedicated to showing pharmacy owners how to optimize the most critical (and overlooked) pharmacy metric, Gross Profit. 

    • Effective Rate Pressure: Optimizing Your Dispensing Revenue  
    • Gross Profit Maximization – A Pharmacy Case Study  

    Finally, shed the notion that your profits are at the mercy of any business that walks through your door. This comprehensive approach to improving pharmacy profits is critical to sustainable business growth. 

  • Fire Up Growth: New Patients & Non-PBM Revenue

    Independent pharmacies have increasingly become a healthcare resource for the community. Now is precisely the time to increase non-PBM revenue in your business model. There are multiple ways to diversify your revenue and we’re showing you what you can do today to start. Don’t be left behind; start experiencing the kind of positive change that comes with turning uncertainty into opportunity. 

    • Implementing CLIA-waived Point of Care Testing   
    • Flu Plus One: Expanding Your Immunization Program  
    • Billing for Services: What You Need to Get Started  

    Nobody has a crystal ball about the future of healthcare. We know that the dispensing reimbursement model is no longer viable, putting more pharmacy owners than ever out of business. Join us on the path to unstoppable.